Months ago, I heard the West and Saudi Arabia were preventing food from being imported at the harbours of Yemen, causing a genocide of Yemenis by starvation. Then the media dropped the story and our attention went elsewhere.

Now look how bad it’s become. Power to the Houthis. Death to imperialism.

God save Yemen.

First of all, I’ll be honest. When I was in Nottingham, I desperately wanted to go to Isis Strip Club ’cause I had never been to one. Somehow, I never quite managed to. It was based a little bit outside the city center and getting there was a mission. But some of my friends went and I always wanted to tag along but I never did. Always regretted it.

Now I look back and thank God I never went. I don’t care how much money strippers make, stripping is degrading. Where do we start? A woman’s body is a natural work of art. It is SO beautiful and precious. A woman is to be cherished all her life long. Yeah, they nag but they’re worth it. That acute beauty of a woman is not to be shared with the public. I don’t care what the scanty fashion industry says. My daughters are never going out wearing rags on their bodies. But that’s another story. Anyway – a woman’s body is to be savored and enjoyed by a man only. HER man. Or in this day and age, her woman if she chooses so. The point is, a woman’s lover is the only person who may see her naked… ever! But when capitalism creates poverty (poverty doesn’t occur in nature), doing what you have to do to survive becomes the name of the game and when you’re at the bottom, pushed against the wall, selling your body for a lot of money, more money than in ordinary jobs, becomes attractive and an opportunity you jump on. So I don’t criticize strippers for doing what they do. Many of them are mothers and provide for their families. It’s a hard job. To strip and dance naked to the enjoyment of degraded, degenerate men is rough. I’m glad I never went to a strip club because I’m able to see pain in people’s eyes. If I had ever gone, the way I am, my nature and how people tend to express their truth to me, I would have seen a lot of angry looks from strippers, that mask pain. And I don’t like that. I absolutely hate that! I feel like sh*t anytime I see someone suffering and I’m doing better than them. Makes me feel guilty as hell.

As a Highly Sensitive Person, you soak it in. I’m not immune to the damage I get from that and it takes ages to recover from it, no matter how hard I act. The problem with strip clubs is that they’re usually riddled in crime. Strippers (are forced to) use hard drugs to stay numb from the psychological pain they go through from stripping. They learn to disassociate from themselves while stripping. This disassociation creates a host of mental disorders like Borderline Personality Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, you name it. Women, in general, are multiple times more likely to develop these disorders than men. The reason strip club owners tend to force strippers to use hard drugs is because addicts are easier to control, exploit and manipulate. Often, strippers are duped of their income by corrupt, greedy owners. It’s also common for many strippers to get sexually assaulted while working. Either by overhorny, depraved male customers or by the club owners themselves. These are hefty reasons why strip clubs are degrading to women but the biggest reason I oppose them is that strippers are robbed of their dignity while stripping in front of strangers. I’ve talked about indignity and losing your dignity extensively on this blog. It is an extraordinarily cruel and painful horror to experience. It rips you up from the inside and eats you up alive. The worst part is it takes years to get your dignity back, if it comes back at all. Doing something or being forced to do something that robs you of your dignity, because you’re desperate and have no choice, is inhumane and dehumanizing. So f*ck strip clubs!

My heart goes out strippers. This article is dedicated to strippers. I feel for you. I’m not saying every stripper is suffering, but many of them do. Stripping is glamorized by the media. It’s seen as cool going to the strip club with the fellas. Hell, I was like that once. But I woke up. With the rise of stars like Cardi B and the media glamorizing her stripping past, it’s easy to see why so many young girls fall for the hype and think it’s cool to expose their bodies and twerk in front of strangers in the club. These used to be private exhibitions lovers of women enjoyed. But nowadays, girls and women wear tops that are slightly more than bras, hot pants that are almost thongs and they flirt with guys and men like they’re supposed to. No one ever told ’em they’re trashy. A woman is not supposed to be trashy, a woman is supposed to be classy. Now am I saying women should be cloaked up in bedsheets like females of Islam? No, but understand, as a woman, when you reveal most of your body – your boobs, your butt, your legs, your arms – most men simply don’t respect you. Most men see you as cheap and easy and not someone worth keeping or treating right with dignity and respect. There’s an old saying that goes, ‘Men use love to get sex and women use sex to get love.’ How true that seems.

Many men will appear as the prince charming and knight in shining armor to their women of interest just to get laid. Sadly many women give it up to get in a relationship. Because they feel by doing so, they’ll ‘catch’ the guy. It’s sad what has become of society. But I’m not gonna front. I’ve said some things just get in pants, too. I ain’t no saint. Guess we’ll all burn in hell.

Anyway, stripping and strip clubs sustain gender inequality and the prevalent view of many men across the world that women are merely objects of sexual satisfaction and nothing more. The notion is if a woman strips in public for money, she must know herself that she isn’t worth much and indeed really is just good for sex. Women are anything but that. Sex is not a birth-given right. Sex is a privilege. If a woman decides to get laid with you, YOU’RE the lucky one because women are awesome and that’s why, despite the fronting of men, women are chased, revered and coveted. Unless you’re a good looking guy but that’s another story. XD Women are goddesses who must be treated as such and if you as a male don’t get it, you’ve already missed half of life.

A normal woman does not see or feel the need to get nude in front of other men. Stripping commercially is not natural and it shouldn’t be seen as such. Women are not a commodity. Stripping essentially is a soft form of prostitution because women (to no fault of their own) sell soft access to their bodies. Ask a prostitute if she enjoys what she does. You’ll never hear about job satisfaction from a prostitute, no matter how much she earns. No woman wants to avail herself to male strangers – ever! And the sad and rough thing about women is when they lose their dignity that way, which is like a soft form of rape, they never really get it back. Raped women feel indignity and dirty for life!

The mythical Mother Nature must be brooding with rage seeing how we men, custodians of women, treat them. If hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn, imagine what Mother Nature must feel.

It’s a double-edged sword, a vicious cycle, a truly f*cked up situation. If you don’t go to strip clubs, the places don’t make money and the (desperate) strippers go jobless and suffer even more. If you patronize strip clubs, you contribute to the dehumanizing of innocent, traumatized, abused and exploited women. So there’ll be an extra hot place in hell for you.

Please ignore what Hollywood feeds you in music and movies. Stripping, no matter how glamorous the media makes it look like, is NOT cool. Don’t take away what you cannot replenish. You wouldn’t like it if one of those strippers were your daughter, sister, friend or girlfriend. Let that sink in.

Prayers and well wishes to all strippers the world over. There has to be something better after this life!


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Sex Trafficking

January 24, 2020

Happy new year. I love this blog because I always write about cheerful topics. Anyway, let’s go.

Sex trafficking globally is a multi-billion dollar industry. It nets almost a hundred billion per year. It’s a subsection of the broader human trafficking which involves using people for illegal labor as well. Both are modern-day slavery. The most at-risk demographics are, to no surprise, females. They make up to 70% of sex trafficking victims. The females who fall easiest to prey to sex traffickers are females in areas where gender inequality is particularly high.

Organized crime is the main, if not only, culprit of the evil. Girls are pimped by various people – family members, local employers, gangs, poster children of the underworld. In Sub-Saharan Africa, young girls are typically sold out by aunties due to poverty but also due to greed. An industry that earns a hundred billion Dollars tickles anyone’s fancy. Girls from rural poor families are told they can get work in the city, or that they can go abroad and live the good life, only to be smuggled across borders and trapped in brothels where they are repeatedly beaten up badly and gang-raped for initiation. Many of the victims are also drugged with class A drugs to make them addicted and hooked on their handlers to always get more drugs. The handler, the person who oversees the victims’ deprived existence, thereby controls them by leaving them no choice but to sleep with men in commercial sex, in order to earn their next fix. It’s quite psychotic but cartels are devoid of human compassion. There’s a very special place for them in hellfire. So hot, not even the devil goes there. May God heat it up even more when they die. Amen.

Anyway, my rage aside, sex trafficking is a very well oiled machinery that works smoothly across the world. A very popular route internationally, for example, is the Nigeria-Italy connection. Thousands of girls, at the very least, are smuggled each year from Nigeria to Italy for sex trafficking. Many of the Nigerian girls are promised futures of illustrious careers in international modelling, only to end up in the Mafia’s arms of pimps. The cartels arrange fake passports and travel documents, get visas and then confiscate the documents upon arrival in the brothels. Lots of girls who are trafficked this way also end up in prostitution. A substantial number of Black prostitutes in Italy are of Nigerian origin.

It doesn’t just affect Africans, however. Like in the movie, Taken, sex trafficking happens to Europeans and White people in general, too. Especially Westerners. White Americans and Whites from the EU as seen as prime beef on the sex market. Depraved sheiks in the Middle East, for example, love to tap that.

According to Human Rights First dot org, ‘The Asia-pacific region accounts for the largest number of forced laborers— 15.4 million (62% of the global total). Africa has 5.7 million (23%) followed by Europe and Central Asia with 2.2 million (9%). The Americas account for 1.2 million (5%) and the Arab States account for 1% of all victims.’ Also, ‘While only 19% of human trafficking victims are trafficked for sex, sexual exploitation earns 66% of the global profits of human trafficking. The average annual profits generated by each woman in forced sexual servitude ($100,000) is estimated to be six times more than the average profits generated by each trafficking victim worldwide ($21,800), according to the Organization for Security and Co‑operation in Europe (OSCE).’

Basically, sex rules the world and powers the underworld economy. A quarter of all searches made on Google are sex-related. Lord only knows what the stats for the dark web are. It must be even worse there, cuz there you’ve got (live) streaming videos of rapes and snuff videos. A good movie to acquaint yourself with that sick world is 8mm.

I’ve noticed Mother Nature, over the years, has covered a lot of sexual issues. So much so that I myself am beginning to see it as a sex blog. Maybe it’s because I’m a man and my natural inclination is towards sex. However, I cover these issues because I feel they’re kept on the hush in society and swept under the rug. And so the victims of these sexual crimes go unnoticed and suffer in silence. That’s unfair and a living hell. I don’t care if I’m seen as some kind of perv. I will continue covering issues like this to raise awareness about them on the mainstream because every voice is necessary. Why? Because there are not (nearly) enough voices. Anyway, disclaimer aside.

According to Wikipedia, ‘Sex trafficking is one of the biggest criminal businesses in the world.’ Makes sense, considering prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world.

I remember reading on Yahoo a few years back how female college students in the USA increasingly turn to prostitution and sugar daddies to pay for their student debt.  How sick of a world do we live in? But no, I’m not gonna go down that path again.

Sex trafficking is the worst form of female exploitation. Not that there are any better ones, but hey. As a female, if you had to be exploited, sex trafficking should be the last thing on your mind. It involves brutal physical assault and rape over long periods of time, marred by consistent nervous breakdowns. Not only that, you lose your dignity and psychologically feel dirty for life. And if you try to escape, which is almost impossible, you almost certainly get killed, ‘to send a message’. Watch the movie The Whistleblower to get a good idea of how messed up it is. It stars Rachel Weisz.

What can we do to stop sex trafficking? In a perfect world, a simple blog post like this would gather momentum and build an avalanche of actions against this crime supported by high places. But we live on planet Earth and as a regular reader, you know how I feel about our wonderful society – especially when I blog.

All I can do is raise awareness. All you can do is share. All we can do is hope someone, somewhere, in a government will take action and work with other officials. And hey presto – an international collaboration leads to the end of organized sex crimes. But as a dreamer, I like going to the perfect world, don’t I?

In a perfect world…



It’s been a while I’ve blogged about women issues so here goes. This is back to my investigative journalism where I uncover disturbing realities hiding right in front of our nose: the Internet. I wrote a piece on this before. It’s shocking. This won’t be any less. I’ll jump straight into it because I don’t want to dwell too long in it. The research however has taken its toll on me again. Don’t expect a followup anytime soon.

OK, here goes.

One of the largest free porn portals online is loaded with videos on incest and child porn. You may know this site. It’s called

On the surface, it looks like just another porn site. They cater for pretty much every niche you can think of. From maids, to exchange students, nurses and more. You’d think it’s all good when you use it. Over 2 million videos and they’re all free. Then the power of porn discreetly takes over. Since there’s so much content, why don’t you just explore? It’s like you’re in a massive theme park and you’ve got unlimited access to every ride. Pornography is a psychological weapon used to keep vibrations low but that’s another story. Let’s continue the trail.

Right, so you explore. You’re curious to see what’s out there. The search box becomes your guide and you’re only limited by your imagination. So you get creative.

From nurses you go to female doctors. From maids you go to nannies. From exchange students you go to teen girls. The list goes on. And the number of possible permutations is so big we haven’t counted to it yet. That however is the very nature of porn. It’s never a one stop shop. Porn by default is designed to addict you to it. The theological reasons because of it are also another story.

As men masturbate to newer and more hardcore content, their appetite for satisfaction grows, leading them to consume more depraved stuff just to get off. In other words, you discover more and more ‘thrilling’ rides at the theme park and find that you can only be excited by these more daredevil rides. This is something I’ve talked about in my article on porn. This phenomenon is also by design from porn. It’s literally meant to deprave you irreparably over time. Let’s go on.

No one leaves porn the same. Porn is pure evil. When you look into evil, a little bit of it stays in you. Residue. That residue becomes the hook that keeps on pulling you back again & again. It’s safe to say if you masturbate to porn, you’re already addicted.

Now the jump from hardcore to illegal seems benign but it’s significant nonetheless. When you view teen content, what really drives you deeper and deeper into the abyss is the so called Related Videos. They show more, harder content supposedly related to your video. So if you’re watching ‘Blonde teen bangs teacher’, you’ll get a link to ‘Teen blows principal in office’, for example. Seems legit, right? Yeah, so you go on. The next suggestion goes like ‘Homeschooled teen done by teacher’. Then if you click on that, you get stuff like ‘Angry stepfather disciplines daughter for failed test’ and boom, you’re officially at the entrance to the dark world. Click on that and the related videos give you stuff like ‘Stepfather bangs daughter after school’, ‘Teen girl drilled by lusty father’, or ‘Young girl pounded by horny dad’. Disturbed yet? This is just the beginning. That’s the incest part. Granted, some of these girls are in their mid to late teens so you could argue it’s a bit consensual but incest doesn’t happen overnight. The daughters have to be groomed before the line is crossed and this grooming typically happens from childhood so the kids never got to think for themselves, they were abused and therefore the later sex in their teen years cannot be viewed as consensual.

You would think something like child porn is hidden. Dark web stuff. Wrong! While it may not be particularly easy to find, it is nonetheless plentiful on porn directories. This is mentioned in my first piece on porn, too. But it goes darker. You can actually find female children, no older than 11, being intercoursed with by adults. Yes and it’s on XVideos. Accessible to all and best of all? For free!

Isn’t this is a lovely world we live in? I just so LOVE society! Yayy!

I’ll post the links below for you to be haunted by. To get to child porn, use terms like ‘young’, ‘very young’ & ‘young daughter’ in the search bar. Then browse through the links and see for yourself. As you go through the search results pages, the erstwhile phantom kiddie porn starts to appear more and more. You need a pretty strong stomach for this. If you throw up because of this, do it! It’s not normality you’re dealing with anymore. This is devil’s stuff. The actual child porn usually has terms like ‘real’ added to it. Then there’s also keywords like ‘taboo’, ‘incest’, ‘inzest’, ‘dad daughter’, ‘mom son’, ‘bro sis’, ‘brother sister’ and ‘family’ that open the evil realm that much more for you. And it’s all openly available for your viewing pleasure on XVideos.

So there you have it. It’s said that many female porn stars were sexually abused as kids so they go into a porn as a way to cope with what they’ve accepted as a normality. There’s a great link in the comments section of my first porn article that talks about rape opening the door to lust. If you search hard enough, you can even find vids on terms like ‘rape’ & ‘forced’…. All on XVIDEOS. Isn’t it great? Yaay, world! 😀

Here are links that take you to the underworld. I’ve taken you to the door. (kiddie porn) (kiddie porn) (kiddie porn) (kiddie porn) (kiddie porn) (kiddie porn) (real incest channel) (kiddie porn) (incest) (incest, kiddie porn) (incest, kiddie porn) (kiddie porn) (incest channel) (kiddie porn)

Remember, every video has links to more ‘Related Videos’ and when you click on any of the suggestions, you effectively consume illegal porn that is widely believed to ‘only’ be on the dark web. In other words, by continuing to watch Related Videos, you’re engaging in illegal pornography that exploits females and lets the male perpetrators get away with murder. Yes, you are complicit.

What can we do about it? Spread the word. The more people know, the more action can publically be taken against giants like XVideos and thousands of spinoff portals existing undetected on the web.

Thank you for reading this and protect your daughters from psychos out there… even if they’re in your family.


If you are a creative, inclined to artistry, you might want to check this out:

I’m going to sign up, you should too.

Good luck to us. 🙂

It’s no secret that African education is of a (very) low caliber. Most education systems across Black Africa are inferior to those of other continents, talk less of their own societal challenges. The truth is African education is based and sustained on outdated theoretical methodologies with which the pupil is equipped up to tertiary level. By the time he/she becomes a graduate, whether of polytechnic or university, the (vast) majority of them and their peers are incapable of leading, innovating and creating businesses that not only thrive but also re-define entire industries. This dearth in intelligence, despite having over a billion in population, leads Africa to trail behind everyone in virtually everything. The few African parents who don’t benefit from covert-western-backed, Black African corruption and managed to save a few Dollars to send their kids abroad, by and large tell their kids to stay abroad upon graduation because there’s nothing in Africa to look forward to. There’s no infrastructure, no enlightenment, no world exposure, low intelligence, high ignorance and an even bigger degree of arrogance in thinking Black Africa is at the center of the universe. That is why 80% of Africans in the diaspora, at the very least, will never return to settle down in Africa permanently, because the continent and her people are just too low and too low of a mentality to be taken seriously.

Then again, though, there are exceptions in everything in life. From the majority of banality and unfounded arrogance from a non-existent social supremacy over others, every now and then a person comes along who is not noticed until international organizations quickly spot their prowess, leadership and potential to achieve greatness. The West is quick to promote and nurture such people because they ultimately plan to acquire these talents, to live and innovate in the West, for life. Nothing is free in this world.

Be that how it may, however, in regions like East Africa, where not much Black African independence and Black African sovereignty is present, one success story is beginning to make waves in her country. I’m talking about Mrs Clarisse Iribagiza, a foremost female tech maverick whose tech corporation, HeHe Labs has not only put Rwanda on the map, but is representing the potential of tech innovation in the East African hemisphere. Now known as DMM.HeHe, a subsidiary of the Japanese media conglomerate DMM Group, the tech firm based in Kigali, Rwanda, produces innovative technological solutions that truly enable people to do more, be more and ultimately be empowered. This is not an easy task, in light of the vast amount of ignorance engrained in many private sectors: small enterprise managers and medium scale entrepreneurs who only know their small enclave of the world and have no basic enlightenment of how to do more with what is available nowadays. In Rwanda, for example, there’s a prevalent mentality of distrusting anything that is new and threatens the reality of the status quo. So anyone who ‘comes out of nowhere’ and demonstrates disruptive methodologies and solutions, is primarily battered down in the prevalent Rwandan entrepreneurs’ ignorance of running businesses smarter and making more money in the process. This isn’t just a major hurdle for Clarisse and DMM.HeHe, no, multinationals in the country have the same problem: everyone who wants to do business in Rwanda, has to educate and enlighten his/her target market while also canvassing to them. These two requirements are not and will never be mutually exclusive. So, to get the heads of small businesses together and proving to them that they need technological packages to take their businesses to levels they’ve only dreamt of, has been a major win on Clarisse’s behalf. While there’s a lot more work that still needs to be done, both in terms of empowering the people by knowledge and capability, the track record achieved by DMM.HeHe so far is nothing less than impressive. In less than a year of joint operation, the firm has enabled dozens of diverse companies to metaphorically punch above their weight and make much, much more sales. The prospect of reaching more corporate clients and elevating the nascent e-commerce industry in Rwanda to greater heights, has attracted widespread attention from all areas of the world. Most notably and in recent times, Mrs Clarisse Iribagiza has been nominated along with 7 other Rwandans to become the African Entrepreneur of 2017, in this year’s Africa Youth Award. It’s crystal clear this socio-economically stagnant continent of Black Africa, that is heavily endowed with most of the world’s natural resources, needs more power capacities the caliber of Clarisse. If we can find a Clarisse in every country in Black Africa and keep on finding one every year, respectively – it’s evident that Africa will not only finally rise, but remain at the top of the world podium the way it rightly should – but it can never be achieved if the low mentality, banality, poor exposure and widespread ignorance are not checked immediately. Failing to do so will only confirm what anti-Africanists preach all the time: that we Black Africans are intellectually inferior to everybody else and can never develop.

It’s time to prove the world wrong. Let’s vote for Clarisse now and reaffirm her statement: that Africa has the acumen to lift herself out of poverty and occupy greatness forever!


Clarisse Iribagiza CEO DMM.HeHe

CEO of DMM.HeHe, East Africa’s Foremost Tech Corporation

When Meryll Streep, Michelle Obama, Slumdog Millionaire’s lead actress (I forgot her name) & CNN’s Isha Sesay went to a girl education/female empowerment summit in Morocco, one of the key points Michelle made, was that for every Dollar invested in a female, $8 are returned. By any means of investing, the world over, that is a phenomenal scheme, or as the Germans would call it, ‘Ein Bombengeschaeft!’ Women make up about 40% of the world’s labour force, yet perform two thirds of the world’s labour. In addition to that, they get paid less than a third of the world’s revenue. Simply put, that is slavery!

They say women are cunning, but not nearly as much as male employers who live the high life on the backs of female family providers. It’s not just a Western thing – it’s a worldwide malaise.

When men work, they spend at least 60% of their wealth on themselves. Women overall spend at least 60% of their income, on their families. There are thousands of stories of mothers all across the world, who give of themselves, literally, just to feed or provide for their family. White women who shave their heads, just to sell it to Black hair salons, as extensions for £60, up. What do they use the money for? Food, school books for their children and other miscellaneous requirements their families need. It is a well known fact, in many cultures, that when a couple gets a child, and the man chickens out and leaves, the woman often keeps the baby and raises it herself. The huge challenge they overcome by themselves – and God of course, but the woman exalts her child & makes the child believe in themselves, no matter what their situation is. Many highly successful people, celebrities and personalities come from single mom homes. In pop music? Justin Bieber, Trey Songz, Tupac, just to name a few. Want more? Google ‘celebrities from single mom homes’. What these successful people often share, is the fact that their mothers made them understand they could succeed in life if they worked hard for it. And they did. And the rest is history.

Gender inequality isn’t just a pertinent, developing countries’ issue. It’s woven into every society’s fabric, from Los Angeles, across the Atlantic, to Tokyo and everywhere in between. In Silicon Valley, there are not only just a few female bosses, but the overall culture among startups & investing is not only chauvinistic but outright sexist in many ways. ‘Go to cooking, leave tech for the big boys!’ ‘Shouldn’t you be a housekeeper?’ ‘You’re in engineering? Are you lesbian?’ Sound familiar? You won’t believe how many female execs & professionals have heard that & still contend with it. Women under gender inequality have to traumatically develop a thick skin just to survive, which shouldn’t be. It is men’s duty to protect women from harm, be it physical or emotional. Since women in the work world rarely get any male to stand up for themselves, men as a whole have failed MotherNature’s task of being guardians of females and continue to do so.

Across much of Black Africa, beating women is socially accepted & perceived as a ‘private affair’ of couples. Reporting domestic violence to the police yields nothing because of the above & the policemen themselves beat their wives ‘if need be’. In Northern Africa, women are completely suppressed as in much of the Middle East. Getting jobs, dressing how they like, going out & socializing, even driving cars & owning property is exempt from women. Plus they must always wear Hijabs, sometimes whole blankets, while the men always have to do nothing relating to their dress code. Any woman who breaks the law is physically punished by whips or even killed.

Honor killings in Asia feed into this rationale too. Any female who brings ‘shame’ to her family, is murdered by the men of the family, in order to restore the family’s ‘reputation’ in society. To call such people backward & demented is an understatement.

The advent of Ultra Sound Scans in the prenatal realm has spurred a sexist genocide on female babies. In China, India & other Asian countries, females are viewed as a burden, because females aren’t ‘economically viable’ as males. Exorbitant dowries will have to be paid to groom’s families (in India) and little finances will be earned from females (in China). So the parents abort their baby when it’s a girl and keep it when it’s a boy. These low IQ men need to understand that by viewing females as weak, they’re viewing themselves as weak because they provided the X-Chromosome.

In countries of abject poverty, the world over, poor families choose to keep their daughters at home, while educating their sons as long as they can afford. When the male drops out from school, he can still, relatively easily, get a job & add income to the family. Not so much so with girls. In this world, girls from poor families are much rather kept at home and taught housekeeping by their mothers, while also groomed to be ‘good brides’ in the future. It is not uncommon, thus, that these girls are then given away in marriage, just so the family can ‘breathe’ again, financially speaking. Yes, child marriage still plagues much of the world & until this very moment, too – not nearly enough is being done about it. What we find is international organizations increasingly playing the role of governments. Just ask Save The Children, Oxfam & Amnesty International, to name a few.

In cases like reproductive health, a lot of pregnant women lack access to quality healthcare, or even any healthcare, as is commonly found. Just watch the movie ‘The Last Face’. (Big flick) Practices like female circumcision, which effectively is the mutilation of the vagina by cutting entire parts off it, go on unhindered in developing countries, with no sign of abating, ever. Basic amenities like midwifery is a luxury to a vast array of expecting mothers in (Black) Africa & (Southern) Asia. Mothers dying while giving birth is common in these parts of the world. Maternal death, however, is completely avoidable!

When girls go through a system of despondence and sexism against themselves, simply by virtue of their gender, they develop, at the very least, low self-esteem issues because they’re pretty much told they’re not good enough in the human experience. They imbibe restrictive programming that hinders their personal development, especially in psychological terms. Growing up, these girls, who make up a large part of the world’s female population, become women who innately believe there are some things best suited for men – like working – while there are other things best suited for women – like caring. Since we attract what we are, these women live submissively, almost docile – to no fault of their own, ever.

A girl encouraged becomes a power woman. Simple as that. A single mother is the true gladiator in the mad, worldly arena of iniquity & injustice that we call society. A lady who is given the knowledge & tools to succeed, doesn’t just become a familial provider, but a platform on which her community develops. I’ve stood on one such platform and still do today. Her name is Nkemdilim Begho.

By developing females, at least as much as males, we don’t just create an equitable society, but also live in one such constructs where lasting peace is achieved. Females naturally abhor violence & such leadership is desperately needed in the world today. Gender inequality isn’t just about such things as contending with the Glass Ceiling – it’s about the outright theft of our society’s proportional prosperity & wellness. We are a sick, ailing & stagnating species as long as we (men) choose to put the needs of females last and enslave them to a reality of tribulation, despair and suffering. Someone needs to remind us that we live well only when females are properly taken care of.

It has to come not just from me.

To participate in the RightBrains Challenge, I will cover a groundbreaking innovation from an unlikely place, which nonetheless reaffirms the prevalence of great female minds all over the world.

Afghanistan is a country that has been under armed, foreign invasion since late 2001. It was the country America retaliated against, after Osama Bin Laden and Al Qeada claimed responsibility for the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks. While the terrorist group in the country have largely been beaten, American troops still engage on Afghan soil, with no clear end in sight. You’d think you’d have heard it all from the landlocked country, which international mainstream media only attribute the Taliban and Opium poppy production to. Even I, because of news stations like CNN, don’t think any better.

Well, I’m here to tell you today that we’re ALL wrong! Allow me to introduce the hottest commodity of Asia at the moment, Ms Shuhra Khoofi.

Shuhra is an undergraduate student who hails from a prominent political family in Afghanistan. Both her grandfather and father were popular politicians and activists who altruistically served their country. Unfortunately, they paid for their service to humanity, with their lives, due to terrorism. This hasn’t stopped the dynamo that is in their family, though. Shuhra’s mother is active in politics, too and encourages Shuhra to take on a leadership role, too.

While her expertise may not lie directly in politics, it’s equally as important. At her young age, Shuhra has already attended numerous workshops on education leadership and has forged ties with key stakeholders in the sector. Having traveled extensively throughout Afghanistan, with her mother, Shuhra has not only seen the gritty reality of Afghans, but also the subtle and not so subtle conditions of gender inequality that plague Afghan women and girls. This remarkable life experience has given her the idea to revolutionize education, the way the world has never seen before:

Introducing, Edu-Cell, by Shuhra Khoofi.

Edu-Cell is a paradigm-shifting concept that is cutting edge in constitution, yet simple in implementation and usage. It addresses 2 Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 4 (providing quality education) and SDG 5 (reducing gender inequality in education). How does it do this? Well, that’s the fun part.

Edu-Cell is a simple app that is available to Android phone users. Rather than using expensive software to relay videos, which will be data heavy and expensive, Edu-Cell provides middle school education (grades 6, 7 & 8) in a variety of subjects, in series of short, 15 minute audio files (mp3). It gets better. It doesn’t just send the content in bulk – it acts like a real school – a student has to pass a test before being promoted to a higher grade. Every audio clip is complemented by an SMS that is sent to the user, after each audio class. This SMS contains the main points of the class, in summary. Think it can’t get any better? Check this: this high quality education is provided to all Afghans in their main languages, namely Dari, Pashto & English. The astounding reality of this novel application is that marginalized children across Afghanistan can be taught, regardless of grim conditions of being in a poor family, or not being allowed to go to school, or dropping out before middle school, as is common among many girls in rural Afghanistan. Edu-Cell thus ensures that sound girl education is not only ensured throughout Afghanistan, but also extremely affordably, too. It costs a mere $2 per month to subscribe to it.

3 experienced teachers are already working on the scheme, which has recently been selected by the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, a UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development, as a finalist in Best Idea 2017 category. Together with 9 other ideas, Edu-Cell will be showcased internationally for its many merits, to get mentoring, support and collaboration offers. The winning entrepreneur will be announced later this year.

Coming across inspirations like Shuhra reminds us about the dire need to foster girl education worldwide and promote female (tech) entrepreneurs. Shuhra is under 20 years old, but already stands among the greatest minds in modern ICT application globally. Girls like Malala Yusufzai show how tremendous the female mind can be. When you hear of girl education in Asia now, the first thing you think of is Malala. Not anymore, because now Shuhra is in the game and the possibilities for her and her innovation are endless. It makes you think, ‘Are there more female prodigies in Asia, if Malala and Shuhra are so young? There have to be, because these 2 leaders are giants in their domain.’ This isn’t just an Asian thing, though. It’s a female thing! Digital women all around the world are gifted and simply see the world differently. Their unique perception of people and problems, together with their huge acumen for power and development, don’t just catapult them out of hardship – they raise and empower entire communities! That’s why girl education and female empowerment are the most crucial and important denominators in poverty eradication worldwide. However, how long will we still have to wait before ALL governments finally get their act together and promote our natural networkers? Do we have to wait another few more years until another girl phenomenon is discovered by a major development agency and gradually given the real world support her visionary idea needs to become self-sufficient? When is the world’s slow progress slow enough to make leaders frustrated with nothing working out and having to revolutionize the whole system in favour of people-centric development? I think the time is now! Quite frankly, that time came a long time ago!

Shuhra Khoofi is just one example of female greatness and why girls should be shown how they can impact the entire world through technology. Women in technology are a vital part of the global tech industry and anyone who says otherwise is simply not clued up on it. Like in the movie Hidden Figures, there are many unsung female heroes in digital technology, all over the world. The female mind is a vast portal of raw, untapped and brilliant concepts and energy. Refusing to harness it for the benefit of all is one of the biggest crimes to humanity in modern time.

I heartily congratulate you, Shuhra, for Edu-Cell! I look forward to its roll-out in Afghanistan and it’s franchised replication across the world, especially in a host of developing countries where girl education is a pressing need for sovereign development.

Good luck!


Mother Nature – A Satire on Gender Inequality” was nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition in the Best Project 2016 category. Please read my idea at and I would be happy if you support my project with comments and votes!

Mother Nature - Beverly Hills

Mother Nature – Beverly Hills

Dear Son,

March 12, 2017

Hello, big man. It’s me. Your dad. I’ve actually got a baby boy now. I’ve actually got you. They say God knows a life way before it’s born, so He definitely knows you. He knew you would come and planned me to be your father. Not a small feat to accomplish, you’re like a miniature version of me. All my personality, all my looks, all my behavioural tendencies. All inside you. You look like your mother, but I can also see me. You’ll have those attributes of your mother, too. You’re our son!


In my life, I’ve learnt from other people’s experiences, what other sons have gone through. My brother used to get beat all the time by my dad. Close friends have had close to no fatherhood, some were antagonized, some were traumatized, others were degraded, there are a lot of horror stories of Black African fathers. I’m a Black African and proudly so, but I will bend over backwards to ensure I don’t make growing up, my son, a horrible experience for you. When I was in my twenties, I thought I would be strict with my sons, to make them strong. Then I heard from others how the aloofness of their fathers made them psychological wrecks and still suffer because of it. Now in my thirties, I’m just gonna take a chance on love and raise you with a lot of freedom.


I’ll give you the freedom to choose. I will trust you from birth. I will tell you what every situation facing you entails, then step back and let you make your own decision. As long as you don’t kill yourself, or others or don’t commit any illegalities, you’re fine with me. Why? Because I want to teach you manhood from early on. You see, my son, the human society is fraught with many problems, injustices and hypocrisies and they hurt when you’re at the receiving end of it. I haven’t been through the world, I haven’t met all the people, but the societies I’ve been to, the groups of people I’ve met, overwhelmingly are evil. And how can I teach you to preserve yourself from evil, if not teaching you the defense against it from your childhood. As you can tell, I’m pretty strict, but that’s only because successful living has taught me to be disciplined about my survival and well-being. I don’t play when it comes to that but I will try my best not to be stern with you. Because you’re still my son and I love you and I know, deep inside, you’re still a kid who just wants to spend quality time with his father and be happy. If I can’t assure you of that, I’ve failed in being your father. But the story goes on so let’s continue.


Going to become a man, means you’ll have to lead. Every man, at some point in his life, is expected to lead. Whether it’s a big or small thing, doesn’t matter, but that time will come. Maybe when you become captain of your sports team, or president of the debate club, or DJ of some student festival – maybe even when you first move in with your girlfriend later on life. Don’t think too much about it, we males instinctively know how to lead. It’s in our genetic blueprint. Every male has it in him to lead when it’s needed most and when he is compelled to do so. The situation is often the motivating factor, but it’s in you nonetheless.


Be yourself. Be full of love and ooze it out of every pore in your body. Your parents are very loving people who themselves are in love with the concept of love. I’m not saying every day is paradise and harmony, but we definitely mean to give you the best and assure you the best – even when we make big mistakes and piss you off. We’re just human and trust me, parenting isn’t easy as you get older but if there is one thing we can assure you – it’s that we will never desert you. You could commit murder, maybe you walked in on your partner cheating on you and I would probably take the swings of the police for you. I’d probably cover you as best as I can and try to get you out the country at the same time. I’d probably do that. Yeah, my morals are almost bankrupt but when it comes to family, society doesn’t mean anything to me. My family always comes first before society. Always.


That being said, if you kill somebody, I’d probably whoop your ass still and then go to jail.


Your mother and I, we’re both creative. I like to draw and she, well, you know what she’s into. Yeah, she’s pretty sick with it, isn’t she? I say this, because I don’t think you won’t be creative either. Maybe art won’t be your thing but that great mind of yours, like the mind of your sister – you can creatively solve any challenge life gives you. It’s called intellectual creativity and that’s the foundation of great innovations of our time. You can create wonders with your mind, you can change people, change the way they think, you can influence events as they begin and be a leading factor in ensuring it becomes successful – all by just using your mental creativity – to solve problems. Ever since I realized I’ve been doing it, I’ve jumped head first into it and won’t ever stop ever. You, have all our knowledge, all our experience, all our guidance, to propel your even bigger intelligence and mindset to solve the problems that will face you and your generation tomorrow. And it won’t matter what socio-economic condition we’ll be in – you’ll be able to fly and we’ll dry run with you until you stop walking.


OK, so once again, I realize I’m revealing how much I want to teach you and put you in different programs and try my best to make you this powerhouse of a man who can lead, uplift and prosper. Let’s get off that tip now. You’re our boy. What you’ll be into, only God knows but we will see it, your mother and I. We’ll probably keep ourselves to ourselves because we’re introverts but you might be superbold in the making. Whatever you become like, we will nurture the right environment to make sure you always feel at home with us, no matter what happens. If you can’t be yourself with us, your mother & I have failed in parenting you.


As a male, you’ll have to become your sister’s bodyguard for life when you become a man. She’s a woman and women need to be protected in this world, that just the kind of society we live in. It doesn’t matter if she’s older than you: if a man messes with her, you bang him out swiftly and move on. Half the time, men don’t even mess with you when they see you can bang out. Now, I’m into working out but you, you don’t have to be into weights like me. You don’t need muscles to provide for yourself in life – unless you’re an actor, athlete or entertainer, in which case it helps. I will insist though, mildly, that you exercise enough to be able to carry at least your own body weight. You should be able to benchpress at least your own body weight. Why? Because at the end of the day, you’re still a man and men are expected to have a minimum level of physical strength. Not just to bang people out, but to be the handyman when needed. Yeah, we live in a metrosexual society where everything can be outsourced to another but when push comes to shove and you’re forced to survive on your own wits without anybody helping you for a forseeable time, you should be able to take care of and provide for yourself, physically.


Be kind, my son. There are many bad people in many places. Sometimes you even see how good people become bad. You must not let that derail you even though doing so in real life is challenging. I still believe you should believe in kindness. I predominantly take people for their word and believe they are good, that there’s good in human. I’m often, however, wrong and am led to realize many people are scum. But do I still believe in love and friendship with other people? Absolutely! It’s the way I’m wired, I think I was born to give people a chance. Sometimes I play the fool and let people believe I’m falling for their trick – remotely hoping they might still change and be some good. But that is a discussion for me and God. There are good people in this world. No, they are not many and many times you can count them on your 2 hands, but some people will be absolutely amazing to you. They will be absolute rockstars and will make you feel like such a cool great person, just because you’re chilling with them. They will show you the beauty of life and often introduce you to dope places outside your comfort zone. These people are, no joke, human angels and when you meet them, hold on to them with both arms and both legs!


What else can I say? If I can’t open up to you and be affectionate to you, my son, then I’m an incompetent father to you. If there’s one thing I don’t want to do, is be a poor father to you and I don’t mean it financially. I wanna know that me being your dad, at the end of the day you feel safe with me. Yo feel happy with me. You tell me anything without fear. You make your choices yourself but also with the knowing that if anything goes South, daddy will be there to sort you out still. And probably, the most important to me, I want us to both know that we can both be totally goofy with each other and proper play with each other, completely being in our zone that people won’t understand cuz they’re not us. Your mother and sister have the access pass but that’s it! X)

Like in The Pursuit of Happyness, where Will Smith and his son imagined themselves out of their homeless situation at the train station. (Major spoiler, I’m sorry!)


Your first walk will feel like our countries winning the World Cup. I say countries because your mum and I are both mixed. Your first day at school will be like me when I met your mother’s father, I’d be nervous and want to know if I’m fully prepared. When you get your first girlfriend, I’ll be super cool about it as long as you always play safe. And if it’s boys you’re into, your mother and I will be super supportive of you and will always give you closure and support. If that happens though, I’d probably make you learn a fighting skill or two so you can take people out if they do more than bully you.


You are our son. We probably love you as much as God did us humans when He sent Jesus to die for each one of us. OK, maybe no human can love that much – but your mother and I definitely love you enough to sleep 4 hours a night (at most) until you’re 2 and still bend over backwards and reach across the stars to care for you and make sure you have what you need and are in a safe cocoon of love, support, encouragement and harmony.


Looking back at all I’ve said, I realize it’s much more different from what I told your sister. That’s OK, though, because even though you’re both my kids, you’re a different case. You’re male, your sister is female so apart from raising you both to soar, I have to teach you how to be a man and have to ensure your sister is and becomes all she can optimally be under my parenting. On top of that, no 2 kids are alike, every child is always different. We’re still individual humans, so we’re different people.


I hope you don’t mind, ‘occassionally’, me eating ‘some’ of your baby food! Can’t help it – Cerelac is the ish. Don’t swear!


Alright, little man. Go have a great day with mom in your stroller. It’s a beautiful summer day and the breeze is sensational. I hear you’ll stop at a open air cafe and meet some of mom’s friends.


They got daughters, too, so maybe you can move to some – chicks!


OK, go chill with your mom now. I gotta wash this baby puke off my T-shirt.




Your greatest fan –




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