Because women can be penetrated, they’re raped. Females are only seen as sex objects by low-minded individuals. A woman’s dignity is her virtue. When you force her to have sex with you, you take that virtue away. What happens is that it occurs as a shock: the woman who was in control of herself, now got that control violently taken away from her and her uncompromised status derogatorily decided upon.

All in the name of sex. Getting laid feels so good that guys go out of their way to get it. The perv on a mission. Whatever it takes to get some booty. How can you have sex with a girl without her permission? You think she’s weak ’cause she can’t hit back? Because every guy is averagely stronger. Do women have to learn self-defense now? If I had a daughter, I’d have her learn it. I don’t know martial arts but she’d be able to kick my butt.

We live in savage times now in that every 40 seconds, a woman in America gets raped. Just ask the Feds (1). For a woman to get raped, it’s like a house of cards collapsing, only that it’s with real bricks of a skyscraper. All the thousands of tonnes crashing down like the World Trade Center on you instead of on the ground. In that moment, the woman loses her mind. She gets a whole part of her psyche viciously ripped out with the intensity of a hundred furious after burners. Am I beginning to make sense? To the rape victim, I’m sure I am.

To write this is difficult, but to omit it is even worse. How can we not talk about this when so many are affected? An increasing number of young women get raped during their tertiary education (2). At a time they’re supposed to be finding themselves as adults. Now instead of being healthy ones, they become psychologically damaged adults, dependent on the support of others to successfully get out of their hell on Earth. This costs the American taxpayer over a hundred billion Dollars every year (3). What an amount to pay for in these austerity-rife times. Isn’t America reputed to be the greatest country in the world? I thought they’re the world’s most powerful nation. What primitivity indeed plagues such a leader in this supposedly modern 21st century.

Rapists ought to be given life imprisonment. It’s only fair for in turn having destroyed a woman’s psyche for life. The perpetrators ought to suffer for the rest of their lives, too. Sex awareness should be introduced in and run from primary school. Children ought to be taught that a female must never be raped. When it’s repeated all the way to university, you have less rapists, bent on ruining women’s lives. There’s nothing manly about rape. If a guy can’t get a woman to have sex, with his charisma, he’s got issues with his (inferior) masculinity.

When women are raped, they lose all sense of intimacy of a relationship. A simple hug can be terrifying over not knowing where it’s going to lead, even with the best of intentions. Rape victims have problems trusting men because it’s men who predominantly rape them. It takes years of counselling to get rape victims to a socially normal status again. Rape conditions teenage boys the wrong thing: that they can’t get sex the normal way, they can get it violently. Rape teaches teenage girls to stay away from sex because it’s bad. This is not true, but in innately protecting themselves, they look down upon it anyway. What do we have to do to abolish rape?

First of all, we have to have a women supporting police force & judiciary system. The majority of rape incidents go unreported to the authorities. Rape is one of the mot under-reported crimes in America (4). We need a police force that encourages victims to speak out and is kept safe from retribution. A justice system that stands with rape victims is needed. Tougher penalties for offenders have to be imposed. When men get the picture that rape i equal to a death sentence, they’ll stop more. Another requirement is the healthcare system. Too few women get the medical attention they need, after experiencing rape (5).

People who rape have no reason to. There’s never a good reason to rape. Rapists are degenerates & low lives who stoop to the level of twisted monster out of hell. You want to know what hell is? Go ask a woman who’s been raped. It’s a living nightmare that doesn’t stop, no matter how much you try to forget it. They say to get over pain, you have to accept it. Well that’s pretty hard when you’re dealing with rape. How do you accept it? All that grunting in delight and tormenting thrusts of the criminal. You have to go through that scene over and over again, just to get over it.

I sympathize with rape victims. I’m a man but I’m ashamed that men rape. It’s one of the realities I’m not happy about. This article is dedicated to all female who ever had the great misfortune of being raped. I can’t help much but at least I care. And that to the isolated rape victims in despair means something. The world isn’t all that bad: there are still some good people out there. So don’t lose hope. As hopeless as your situation seems. God watches us all and nobody gets away from him. And over time, wounds do heal as well.

Rape torments the soul. It puts the victim at risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Having been raped means living a life where you’re constantly crying inside, to one degree or another. Rape is barbaric. It classifies the rapist as the lowest of lows. Sex in itself is an experience. Rape takes that experience away. Nothing good can ever come from rape. There is no happy ending. The scene of the incident repeats itself in the mind forever. The worst that can happen is pregnancy by rape. To always be reminded of the rapist when looking at his conceived child is a horrible ordeal. The babies though are part of the mother too, so some women keep them. Others commit abortion. In a case like this, I can’t give my objection.

Rape results in 32000 pregnancies yearly (6). A child is meant to be conceived in love and not terror. A woman should never know to lose power over her own body by rape. It makes her feel violated to the extreme. She feels helpless and that reality tears her apart because she can’t fight it and it consumes her mercilessly. This blog is generally dedicated to female victims of gender inequality, the largest group suffering from the crime. Every raped woman still has hope, though. Time strengthens them and re-calibrates their vision. May raped girls and women see only blessings, for they truly deserve it.

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Pornography is pretty influential on the Internet. Don’t believe it? Then you haven’t been online long enough. Here are some interesting websites I’d like to share with you:

Watching porn reduces your living value. It erodes your morals. It burns your sense of decency regarding love/courtship like a light-stick to a fire-cracker. It animalizes you, if that’s a word but now it is, and makes you feel women are objects solely designed to provide men with sexual pleasure. It never makes you see the opposite sex the way you ever did before. Compare the way you were before you first got introduced to porn, to the way you are now, having experienced whatever you’ve experienced. I, for a FACT, know I’m not as light & innocent as I used to be, before adult mags got lent to me. And No, I don’t think that’s part of becoming an adult. Unless I’m terribly misinformed.

Porn is like a black hole: Once you’re in, you’re sucked deeper & deeper, realizing it virtually has no limit at all. A good way of finding out is turning off the search filter of a search engine & searching for porn in general: By clickling through the links of the first page, you typically get some websites that contain dozens of thumb-sized porn pics. Every one of those links, leads you to another pornsite, often of the same format of the one you’re on. However the subject matter increases, meaning you get more ‘quality’ than you first got. What’s disturbing is that by starting from a niche like teen porn, for example, these sublayers of pornsites lurking  beneath the surface, can seem to show the teen actresses as younger & younger. It doesn’t take long before you come across a picture where you realize the actress is younger than a teenager! To the perverted, pedophile mind, therefore, some forms of child pornography are publicly available, and a lot more accessible than people think! Hurrah! We’ve made a section of the crime mainstream!

Porn consumption increases your tolerance to more, higher-intensity porn, which in turn increases your acceptance level for anything twisted, like bestiality etc. You become a pawn of the provider, susceptible to ANYthing it deems fit to show you. Your individual ability to control yourself therein gets slaughtered ascendingly with every visit. Porn-sites are typically also infamous havens of Trojans, viruses & all other stuff to give your firewall a headache. It’s pointless to prosecute anyone though, as most providers only let the cat out of the bag, if you’ve consented your agreement to them serving adult content & you being of adult age. Blaming them for any damage caused by immorality is like complaining to a weapons manufacturer for developing a gun you just bought, for being able to kill somebody!

Porn is highly addictive. A lot of people who consume it, don’t even realize they’re addicted. Porn ruins quality of life/interaction-skills with the opposite sex. Something as simple & pleasurable as dating, becomes… Houston, we have a problem. Abort! Abort!

Watching excessive porn over longer periods confuses your sexuality: It’s not exactly normal to see naked members of your gender in your life, at regular intervals. For example, a guy at most sees another naked guy or naked guys when showering together in a locker room, as part of the sports team. Or when going to a public swimming-pool & changing/showering over there. Basically, there’s not a whole lot of amount guys see other guys naked. I presume so  about girls as well, but feel free to prove me wrong. Lots of regular porn introduces an artificially high amount of nudity of the same sex in your awareness & sustains it. The result? You become desensitized a whole lot more than otherwise, tending to see sexual practices on your sex by your sex as normal. If you’re not straight, then I guess viewing porn just reinforces your sexuality. Stating this, I’m not accusing any sexuality of good or bad. If you’re not secure in your heterosexuality however, habitually watching porn may not be a good idea. But suit yourself!

Porn gives unrealistic expectations of love & sex: In a nutshell, men think they have to be built like Vin Diesel to get laid & women think being like Angelina Jolie brings all the action. Thank you, porn!

Most porn is targeted at men. A large part of male-oriented porn is female-degrading.

People are different but in my experience, women consider foreplay as an integral part of lovemaking. Acknowledging how much the world has gone to the dogs nontheless, I concur that such stance may be viewed as subjective.

Men who watch porn over long periods of time, become unable of regarding females as equal human beings, simply because they think of them by their vagina. In this case, it’s common to ponder over what sexual benefit a female could provide, regularly, than focusing otherwise.

The last point is a strong factor of sexual violence & rapes against females, worldwide. It’s often said it’s the last stop before committing sexual crimes.

Another great lie porn conditions its plentiful patrons is an orgasm being the most important part of sex.

This is not true.

The point before the previous one destroys the sex lives of many women because it leaves them sexually unsatisfied. Men, by nature, ejaculate quicker than women. I’ll say on average but I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of, therefore I don’t see any reason for my ego to kick in.

Women love sex just as much as men do. Unofficially, it’s believed they enjoy it even more,… I wouldn’t mind having multiple orgasms. Porn conditions porn-watching men that sex is geared towards male satisfaction.

Sex is an interaction, not a service.

The penultimate point gives a landscape of opportunities: Men can seek & get away with it because it allows them to degenerate & treat women like filth, in an almost countless variety of ways.

Don’t get me started.

For fear of SOPA, PIPA & ACTA, I will not name any studios because they have a lot of money & may shut me down.

But they’re out there.

And I watch them.

And this is what compelled me to post this article. I think women should be treated with respect & not turned into mindless, mal-treated, submissive animals during sex. I do like some of the porn stars, by the way. Ravishing women! I’m not gonna name them either because they have a lot of money too and might sue me.

Or just join the studios & shut me down.

But I like ’em anyway. I see them as humans.

Not recyclable trash-bags everybody can come on.

Get it?

Yeah, women have their wishes, which usually have to be fulfilled if you want to get some but overall, a rather disturbing point is PORN DEGENERATES PORN-PATRONS, WHO MORE OFTEN THAN NOT ARE MALE, TO SEE & TREAT WOMEN AS TRASH WHO ARE ONLY GOOD TO GET THEM OFF.

Why do I keep saying trash?

Maybe because porn sees & treats women as such. Here are some recommendations.

The movie 8mm starring Nicolas Cage is an excellent example of the porn industry, albeit a certain layer hidden from the public (ironic), which thrives. Note how his character becomes more & more disturbed by what he encounters.

Snuff movies exist & they make the Internet a crime scene.

Imagine being murdered live, or raped live – or raped then murdered, live!

You think I’m sick? That feeling doesn’t even begin to describe a fraction of a percent of the total, twisted, demented, rotten & super-dark quality of that industry itself.

Therefore, I don’t care because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Or thinking.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

I don’t even know what I’m talking about…or typing, I’ve never seen a snuff movie before. I wouldn’t know where to look , it’s very ‘insider’ stuff.

And porn is a part of it, even if they are not aware of it.

So the next time you knock one out, be aware of what you’re knocking out to. A lot of purely insane stuff are part of the machinery that drives this very, very, big, big, global, multi-billion dollar industry. Like the Titanic & the tip of the iceberg: There’s more than meets the eye!

P.S. I talk about grey areas because not enough do. By choosing not to, grey areas fester & linger in our existence, eventually becoming  inherent facets of our societies, if they haven’t already done so. So, SPEAK!