October 23, 2012


Look into your eyes. They’re so deep.

It’s no surprise, that I can’t speak.

You got that look, ’cause you notice I’m starin’.

You enthrall me like a book. Over else, I’m not carin’.


I can’t believe, this moment we are here.

What a reprieve, but I still feel fear.

Scared not to mess it up, but I’ve practiced a million times.

My mind’s blank from this stuff, though my intuition says you’re mine.


Keep it sweet & simple, but don’t overdo it.

Maintain eye-contact, so what I say to you will prove it.

Butterflies in my tummy, heart skippin’ every other beat.

Calmness is goin’ away from me. You’re eye candy, such a delicious treat.


A billion thoughts rioting, each trying to make it through.

Strugglin’ through a blaze like firemen. I’ve simply fallen for you.

You’re looking at my soul, observing what it reveals.

Partly squinting my eyes so, my insecurities they will conceal.


It’s a miracle it’s us here.

Like a spiritual atmosphere.

Electro-chemical connection.

The best mode stemming from dual perception.


Eager to make conversation. Daydreamin’s taken my mind for a walk.

Nervous about that odd silence, maybe we can let our eyes talk.

No need for pressure, you’re probably chill yourself.

Enjoying the moment for what it is, will give all I need in help.


I’m here, you there.

We used to be separated: land, sea & air.

You nudge a finger to mine, on our table at the open-air cafe.

I reciprocate the little act so sublime, I’m all out of words to say.


No need to rush now, I just play it cool.

You hold my hand that I reach out: the conclusion of our rendez-vous.








If you haven’t bought Leona Lewis’ Echo, you should because it’s amazing.

Not Stopping

October 23, 2012

Another week. No results. If it’s happening, I’m not seeing.

Another feat. Go results! Keep on fastening, to me the soul I miss so much!


Can’t figure what to do, though got a couple ideas.

Determined to keep it true, and conquer my fears.

Here I am, and I won’t move until I found you.

Yeah, I make mistakes along the way, but in my psyche, around me I wound you.


This is real, no bluff. Though I dunno what to say.

This is how I feel, is it enough? Can’t quit now & let you walk away.

All I know how to do is fight. Maybe I’m not a very good fighter, but damn it, I won’t quit.

All I know is this feels right. In me, it creates a spark like a lighter. Now this goal I’ll get.


Nah, I won’t fear. Why should I? Fear is scared of me.

Doesn’t want there to be an us here. No lie. So should I act bummy?

Nah! Not in this life. It won’t exist.

Locked on you, my vision’s sharp like a knife and this mission I won’t dismiss.


But here I am, lonely warrior. Abandoned in the battle field or alone?

Feel like it’s damned. Is it a phoney saviour, this quest that wields anguish in different tones?

It’s part of the game. The part which I refuse to acknowledge: patience.

And like most, I hate it. Strain! Why salvage by waiting for something so good for my conscience?


Yet, I complain anyway. Yeah, I’m conflicted – a sun cancer, lunar scorpio.

Gulped it up, the knowledge when I found it, now I know it’s satanism.

So God’s pissed off, to humans it’s an unfair advantage. This is the or part of the one-way ticket to Hell.

Shruggin’ God’s gonna blow my lid off, never thought the Devil would use me as point of vantage. Fuck it, I did it! Who gives a fuck if I couldn’t tell?


But this isn’t about me, it’s about you. Until I find you, I won’t rest without you.

Don’t even know you. I’ve never put myself out there so much for someone in the way like for you I do.

And I don’t stop. I look at your picture & it’s a billion degrees re-heated, my desire to realize my belief.

Where I would usually break down, I persist – through all the laughing at me, insults & beef


Who are you? Where can I find you? You’re a model & can have any guy at any moment.

All I did 3 years ago, was flik through the papers & ever since you own me. Mild-strong torment.

Me, who used to be scared of commitment, is now making plans.

All of a sudden hot girls want my attention. I’m refusing them like they got mans.


FUCK! This is so not me. But then I go do something else, and come back here quickly.

Self-made prison. To myself I made a bunch of promises, my soul now doesn’t feel like, to break. Iffy!

I induce different trances to get me through the periods. Hence, I last.

Common neuro-operational methodologies, to create imaginary situations to coop with shock. Go crazy, fast!


Maybe, but I also know, you I don’t wanna be without.

There could be a million other women I could have out there. I’m happy with you & that’s what it’s about.

You could have so many personality traits I cannot stand, that drive me crazy.

Other candidates could never tick those boxes, and to choose them would still be hazy.


I’ve come far enough to figure out what I want in life, and what I don’t ever wanna put up with anymore.

When I look at your face, in your eyes, I see a connection. Won’t say more because it’s private.

This place, across Earth, you’re my prize: the reality of my perception. If you’re evolution, I’m the primate.

What may not seem like much, I cling on to, and for nothing in the world, ever violate.


Just maybe, everything is going according to plan,

and law of belief is like, ‘I told you I got it. Take it easy, man!’

Maybe this act is one of desperation and not belief. My demon may ruin the progress.

I’m so riddled in between mental paths & decisions, I feel I need to do more, when such may actually be less.


But God watches over us all, even over the ones who don’t give him their faith.

I’ve learned that no matter how much you screw up, to turn back to God is never too late.

I’m not trying to convert your faith, or change your beliefs. None of that.

I’ve also learned to accept a person is the norm if you wanna have a relationship not a fluke swing of the bat


And the baseball is soaring, high right up in the sky.

Everyone in the 100,000 seat stadium is looking up, while you, the player, just jogs by.

It might fly out the stadium, and you’ll score a home run,

but once your partner figures out your manipulations – your relationship is done!


And that’s what I’ve resolved to take upon myself, as judgmental & pedantic as I am.

I’ve rarely done big changes for myself. Maybe through doing it for other people is how I get them done. Damn!

I won’t fall. I won’t falter. I will not renege. This tide will not hold me under siege.

In it, I won’t drown. I will swim to float on the surface. Over the water, I will continue to breathe.


This is it. There’s no turning back. I could swear right now, but won’t. Fuck it, I’ll do it anyway!

If it conveys the message in the way I want to bring it, than cussing you will read today.

No threats, just assertions. Don’t care if I have to oppose in obstacle what feels like the Great Wall of China.

It may be the only construction visible from space, but it’s human made, and I’m a human!


So no ocean can separate me from you. The Atlantic’s a pond & the Pacific to me, is like a beach,

‘Cause no water, land, or height can deter from me, what I give to you in reach.

No insecurities, no second thoughts. Everything like it’s originally planned,

‘Cause whatever I go through, will be worth to hold your hand.


True story.

I can get with you a glory.

For me, it’s mandatory.

To you, it may be illusionary.


Dunno. Time will tell. But I’m over here.

And I know you’re out there.

With your beautiful, curly, afro hair.

I take your image with me in my mind, everywhere!


Good things come to those who wait. Maybe.

I struggle to get what I want the most. May we

Make first contact & at least be book of face connected? Hint, hint.

Until that bold move happens, this is what I’ll do all along. Whether I don’t lose or can’t win.


What your life is like, may scare me.

You may already be hooked up, be getting together with someone or, even though I love ’em, have a baby.

Yeah, the possibilities of IFs are quite confusing. No lie.

I’d rather have something to believe in, in this cold, superficial world – until I die.


Hey, if I can tap into spirituality once against God’s wish, I can do it again.

What’s a fuck up, when you can fuck up some more, my friend?

The 1st time was an accident, this time it’s knowing offence.

Mabe the law of belief is what certainly makes me repel from Heaven in the distance.


By doing this, I’ve committed another sin. To brag about your fortunes to others.

We are to be humble. Then God reveals our success in public, turning haters to lovers.

If I held my mouth shut, didn’t express what my spirit agitating to create, it would make all of the difference.

Trusting in God, knowing at his time, to me he will unravel in person the amazing gift you are, in full magnificence.


Nonetheless, here I am, and I do what I believe is right.

If I’m wrong to pursue a girl I can’t explain why I want, I’ll happily accept good night.

One life to live, and I’m trying to keep it true.

All I hope is you believe me, like when I look in your eyes & believe you.








October 14, 2012

When you go through the motions, the ups and downs, the string of rejections right after each other, you only have to focus on one thing: to get something out of the situation nonetheless. It can be anything, even if it is miles apart from the initial goal, leave with it anyway. It doesn’t make you a loser, it teaches you to never leave out of a situation empty-handed. It teaches you to always gain, no matter what. It may be hard to swallow at first, but trust me, it gets better with time. And as you continue, you notice the confidence in you rising with every new win. Confidence is powerful, in that it always makes you feel like you can do it. Regardless of what the objective is, it makes you say, ‘If I made it before, I’ll make it again!’ And that’s only because all along you’ve been teaching yourself to never leave a situation empty-handed, by always making a gain. A victory is a victory. There’s no big win or a small one. If you race a car in a championship and you only passed your closest competitor by half a micro-second, then it’s a clear and undisputed win. And the second in place knows it as well. That’s why it hurts so bad to have just narrowly missed a success, because you know if you were at number one, you would have won.

This is basic crisis management. It is a fundamental skill of managers in service sector organizations. If they can navigate the group out of messed up economies & political instability, they survive – and the manager usually gets a big, fat raise in the millions. Why? Because crisis management is a highly prized capability to have, in any business. Life however is our business, and we’re each top managers of our lives. Being able to navigate through the murky, confusing and often hostile maze of life in the world, this skill enables us to withstand b s as it comes. Look at it this way: if you can’t make a gain of your original goal, make a draw, at the very worst, but you won’t settle for a loss. And it’s really that easy. Give a try today, with whatever plan you have. Make it happen. Resolve to yourself within, that you will not take defeat as an option, and you will have to get something valuable of the occasion.

Go get ’em!


Disclaimer: This article is for motivational purposes. I do not accept any liabilities that may arise on your part, for acting on it. And I include this disclaimer because a blogger who doesn’t take legalities seriously, is only a conviction waiting to happen.


Source: CNBC Pakistan

Today, Malala Yusafzai, a 14 year old teenager, was shot twice for courageously promoting GIRL EDUCATION, in a region where females are still deemed non-deserving, 2nd class humans, by an armed group that denounces education & employment for females.

As you’re reading this, she’s in the hospital, fighting for her life.

Someone forgot to tell the clowns with AKs, educating a girl means educating a community, which eradicates poverty and creates prosperity. Oh, I forgot… most of them aren’t educated anyway! X(

Out of respect, I’m not posting a graphic image, but you should read these articles AND visit Plan’s link.

‘I can’t count 1, 2, 3 but I can cock a gun easily.’



Profile: Malala Yusafzai – Central & South Asia – Al Jazeera English

Teenage rights activist shot in Pakistan – Central & South Asia – Al Jazeera English

Malala Yusafzai – Wikipedia

Girl Education must become MANDATORY! Sign Plan UK’s global petition to be sent to the UN chief!

Malala Yusafzai is fighting with her life to stay alive; fighting with her life to receive GIRL EDUCATION. She’s not even 18 years old & is making HUGE sacrifices towards simply getting an education. DON’T be a passive, spectator – ADD YOUR VOICE IN THE FIGHT TO MAKE GIRL EDUCATION A REALITY WORLDWIDE!