September 21, 2016

My Lord, Jesus Christ, was your son.

You rose to Heaven when on Earth, your work was done.

Holy Mary.


You are the biggest icon in Hollywood.

You got raped as a girl, went through hell but still remained good.



Throughout your life, you experienced great evil from many, especially men!

But even though you cried many tears, a golden egg you laid, as that prolific hen.



You cared for society rejects, however low they were.

You never shied away from them, saving them was your lure.

Saint Mother Theresa.


You were Madiba’s first love, you remained loyal.

You were always there when he fell sick, your love for him was royal.



You were under house-arrest against your will.

After 15 years, you’re the main breeze for the Burmese windmill.

Aung San Suu Kyi.


You were the English Rose.

Your love captured the people’s hearts, even after to monarchy you rose.



You stood up to oppression that day,

While refusing to give up your seat the racial way.

Rosa Parks.


When our leader was in his final hours,

You protected him & anyone against you, you devoured.

Turai Yar Adua.


Dear Women,

You’re more powerful than society makes you believe.

In the tree of life, men may be the oxygen, but you are the leaves.

There is no anyone, because you bring life.

Women, we must protect you, with the blade of a knife!


But instead, we enslave you. Make you work for free.

If we pay you, it’s a third of what you generate powerfully.

The rest we steal and ‘live the good life’.

After we die, you’ll go to Heaven and we’ll live in near-eternal strife.


Most men love their mothers but disrespect women per se.

We enjoy their body, for it we even pay.

But nothing ever escapes the eyes of God, our creator.

He knew this would happen, so He made Mother Nature!