Prostitution as Tradition

January 1, 2021

Happy new year. I just saw a report on Al Jazeera about a community in India where the people are so poor, they prostitute their females for economic necessity. Parents pimp their daughters into the sex trade so that they can have food to eat for their entire families. In fact, when daughters are born, the parents are happy because they know once the girls reach 10 years of age, they’ll become sex workers. Yes, 10 years.

You can sleep with a 10 year old virgin for as low as 5000 Rupees or about $70, in some cases. Generally, however, the younger the sex worker, the more you pay. Young virgins are the most expensive and are literally auctioned to depraved men. The older a sex worker gets, the less it costs to sleep with her. The young girls can cost 30,000 to 40,000 Rupees. When a man ‘wins’ the auction, he celebrates by eating chicken and drinking beer. A girl’s psychology is going to get shattered and she’ll effectively be raped. It’s going to be a good night.

The mothers who pimp their daughters aren’t too happy about their kids’ fate. As females themselves, they wish their kids had a better future and wouldn’t have to engage in the traumatizing act. But their families are piss-poor and they’re simply tapping into a demand that at least gives them something.

This community is apparently near some really long highway where loads of truckers pass regularly and when these drivers get horny, they pitstop near the community and sleep with a girl. Among these truckers are pedophiles who have slept with 14 year old girls. These men are on the road half a year, away from their families so they feel justified to pay for (underage) sex. Jerking off to porn won’t do. There is a high prevalence of AIDS among the sex workers and the truckers alike. It’s so bad that the truckers even wear two condoms just not to get infected. Wearing more than one condom is actually dangerous as it may slide off or break entirely, leaving the guy at a higher risk of contracting sex diseases or HIV.

There are some people within this community, however, who are tackling this problem from the root and are re-orientating mothers about pimping their daughters, and teaching female children to shun the sex trade and seek education and become professionals instead. May this great initiative work.

It’s heartbreaking to know things like this happen and very little is done about it. We live in a world where women are just not given as much value as men. They’re seen as ultimately inferior humans who cannot be given the same privileges as men. I don’t care how many feminist Western women will attack me because they feel insulted in their ego. You don’t live in the world. You live in a suburb of the megacity called Earth. In your offices you contend with the glass ceiling. Even in your revered Hollywood, women don’t earn as much as men. So stick to your Starbucks cafe and flex to your following on Instagram.

My heart goes out to these sex workers, these young, traumatized, abused girls. I refuse to call them prostitutes because they never chose to go into this deplorable trade. Whenever their bodies are being used by men, they feel helpless, alone and abandoned in this world. And nobody is out to help them. It’s sad. It’s really sad!

And all people like me can do is write about it and hope to raise awareness about it. Because that’s the kind of world we live in.

Blessings to all victims of gender inequality, especially to (young) girl sex workers and their older counterparts. May God watch over you and protect you the most!


For further research, check Al Jazeera

Would you?

Fight for yourself all your life long. Success is earned through assertion, whether quiet or bold.
Females: you have it tough living in this world. You work the most but are paid the least & are poorly politically represented. That means you lack power & are therefore exploited. I’m never proud of being a man when I admit these things but it’s necessary. We men, screwed up the world of women. Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that men anatomically are stronger than women on average. So if a girl trumps you in every way thinkable, whether academically, socially or emotionally, you can beat her up if she makes you feel inferior. And that’s what guys do, in many parts of the world.
How do we achieve gender equality? I’m not a feminist, feminists feel superior to men. I’ve stopped being a chauvinist, I realize how messed up a lot of females live. Maybe this generation won’t make it, but the children of today can be saved, to be the adults the world desperately needs tomorrow. We can teach kids humility, compassion, respect & integrity. They can learn how to fight physically & also stand up for themselves in a non violent way. Like Martin Luther King. I’m not a big fan of society, I think a lot of people are full of ish but I do believe in planet Earth & humanity’s place in it as an equal to other beings. Therefore, I do wish the people after me will learn comprehensively from our past/present mistakes & save the world, because despite the many damages this planet has incurred, life on planet Earth still has hope.
Females! Fight for yourselves! You more than likely won’t experience gender inequality in your lifetime – but you can still change your world & succeed. And that’s what life is all about: succeeding against the overwhelming odds of failure. Our kids are our future of a better society. Let’s make sure they become better than us – and don’t repeat our mistakes.

Gender equality exists in the future, our children!

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