When Meryll Streep, Michelle Obama, Slumdog Millionaire’s lead actress (I forgot her name) & CNN’s Isha Sesay went to a girl education/female empowerment summit in Morocco, one of the key points Michelle made, was that for every Dollar invested in a female, $8 are returned. By any means of investing, the world over, that is a phenomenal scheme, or as the Germans would call it, ‘Ein Bombengeschaeft!’ Women make up about 40% of the world’s labour force, yet perform two thirds of the world’s labour. In addition to that, they get paid less than a third of the world’s revenue. Simply put, that is slavery!

They say women are cunning, but not nearly as much as male employers who live the high life on the backs of female family providers. It’s not just a Western thing – it’s a worldwide malaise.

When men work, they spend at least 60% of their wealth on themselves. Women overall spend at least 60% of their income, on their families. There are thousands of stories of mothers all across the world, who give of themselves, literally, just to feed or provide for their family. White women who shave their heads, just to sell it to Black hair salons, as extensions for £60, up. What do they use the money for? Food, school books for their children and other miscellaneous requirements their families need. It is a well known fact, in many cultures, that when a couple gets a child, and the man chickens out and leaves, the woman often keeps the baby and raises it herself. The huge challenge they overcome by themselves – and God of course, but the woman exalts her child & makes the child believe in themselves, no matter what their situation is. Many highly successful people, celebrities and personalities come from single mom homes. In pop music? Justin Bieber, Trey Songz, Tupac, just to name a few. Want more? Google ‘celebrities from single mom homes’. What these successful people often share, is the fact that their mothers made them understand they could succeed in life if they worked hard for it. And they did. And the rest is history.

Gender inequality isn’t just a pertinent, developing countries’ issue. It’s woven into every society’s fabric, from Los Angeles, across the Atlantic, to Tokyo and everywhere in between. In Silicon Valley, there are not only just a few female bosses, but the overall culture among startups & investing is not only chauvinistic but outright sexist in many ways. ‘Go to cooking, leave tech for the big boys!’ ‘Shouldn’t you be a housekeeper?’ ‘You’re in engineering? Are you lesbian?’ Sound familiar? You won’t believe how many female execs & professionals have heard that & still contend with it. Women under gender inequality have to traumatically develop a thick skin just to survive, which shouldn’t be. It is men’s duty to protect women from harm, be it physical or emotional. Since women in the work world rarely get any male to stand up for themselves, men as a whole have failed MotherNature’s task of being guardians of females and continue to do so.

Across much of Black Africa, beating women is socially accepted & perceived as a ‘private affair’ of couples. Reporting domestic violence to the police yields nothing because of the above & the policemen themselves beat their wives ‘if need be’. In Northern Africa, women are completely suppressed as in much of the Middle East. Getting jobs, dressing how they like, going out & socializing, even driving cars & owning property is exempt from women. Plus they must always wear Hijabs, sometimes whole blankets, while the men always have to do nothing relating to their dress code. Any woman who breaks the law is physically punished by whips or even killed.

Honor killings in Asia feed into this rationale too. Any female who brings ‘shame’ to her family, is murdered by the men of the family, in order to restore the family’s ‘reputation’ in society. To call such people backward & demented is an understatement.

The advent of Ultra Sound Scans in the prenatal realm has spurred a sexist genocide on female babies. In China, India & other Asian countries, females are viewed as a burden, because females aren’t ‘economically viable’ as males. Exorbitant dowries will have to be paid to groom’s families (in India) and little finances will be earned from females (in China). So the parents abort their baby when it’s a girl and keep it when it’s a boy. These low IQ men need to understand that by viewing females as weak, they’re viewing themselves as weak because they provided the X-Chromosome.

In countries of abject poverty, the world over, poor families choose to keep their daughters at home, while educating their sons as long as they can afford. When the male drops out from school, he can still, relatively easily, get a job & add income to the family. Not so much so with girls. In this world, girls from poor families are much rather kept at home and taught housekeeping by their mothers, while also groomed to be ‘good brides’ in the future. It is not uncommon, thus, that these girls are then given away in marriage, just so the family can ‘breathe’ again, financially speaking. Yes, child marriage still plagues much of the world & until this very moment, too – not nearly enough is being done about it. What we find is international organizations increasingly playing the role of governments. Just ask Save The Children, Oxfam & Amnesty International, to name a few.

In cases like reproductive health, a lot of pregnant women lack access to quality healthcare, or even any healthcare, as is commonly found. Just watch the movie ‘The Last Face’. (Big flick) Practices like female circumcision, which effectively is the mutilation of the vagina by cutting entire parts off it, go on unhindered in developing countries, with no sign of abating, ever. Basic amenities like midwifery is a luxury to a vast array of expecting mothers in (Black) Africa & (Southern) Asia. Mothers dying while giving birth is common in these parts of the world. Maternal death, however, is completely avoidable!

When girls go through a system of despondence and sexism against themselves, simply by virtue of their gender, they develop, at the very least, low self-esteem issues because they’re pretty much told they’re not good enough in the human experience. They imbibe restrictive programming that hinders their personal development, especially in psychological terms. Growing up, these girls, who make up a large part of the world’s female population, become women who innately believe there are some things best suited for men – like working – while there are other things best suited for women – like caring. Since we attract what we are, these women live submissively, almost docile – to no fault of their own, ever.

A girl encouraged becomes a power woman. Simple as that. A single mother is the true gladiator in the mad, worldly arena of iniquity & injustice that we call society. A lady who is given the knowledge & tools to succeed, doesn’t just become a familial provider, but a platform on which her community develops. I’ve stood on one such platform and still do today. Her name is Nkemdilim Begho.

By developing females, at least as much as males, we don’t just create an equitable society, but also live in one such constructs where lasting peace is achieved. Females naturally abhor violence & such leadership is desperately needed in the world today. Gender inequality isn’t just about such things as contending with the Glass Ceiling – it’s about the outright theft of our society’s proportional prosperity & wellness. We are a sick, ailing & stagnating species as long as we (men) choose to put the needs of females last and enslave them to a reality of tribulation, despair and suffering. Someone needs to remind us that we live well only when females are properly taken care of.

It has to come not just from me.