First of all, I’ll be honest. When I was in Nottingham, I desperately wanted to go to Isis Strip Club ’cause I had never been to one. Somehow, I never quite managed to. It was based a little bit outside the city center and getting there was a mission. But some of my friends went and I always wanted to tag along but I never did. Always regretted it.

Now I look back and thank God I never went. I don’t care how much money strippers make, stripping is degrading. Where do we start? A woman’s body is a natural work of art. It is SO beautiful and precious. A woman is to be cherished all her life long. Yeah, they nag but they’re worth it. That acute beauty of a woman is not to be shared with the public. I don’t care what the scanty fashion industry says. My daughters are never going out wearing rags on their bodies. But that’s another story. Anyway – a woman’s body is to be savored and enjoyed by a man only. HER man. Or in this day and age, her woman if she chooses so. The point is, a woman’s lover is the only person who may see her naked… ever! But when capitalism creates poverty (poverty doesn’t occur in nature), doing what you have to do to survive becomes the name of the game and when you’re at the bottom, pushed against the wall, selling your body for a lot of money, more money than in ordinary jobs, becomes attractive and an opportunity you jump on. So I don’t criticize strippers for doing what they do. Many of them are mothers and provide for their families. It’s a hard job. To strip and dance naked to the enjoyment of degraded, degenerate men is rough. I’m glad I never went to a strip club because I’m able to see pain in people’s eyes. If I had ever gone, the way I am, my nature and how people tend to express their truth to me, I would have seen a lot of angry looks from strippers, that mask pain. And I don’t like that. I absolutely hate that! I feel like sh*t anytime I see someone suffering and I’m doing better than them. Makes me feel guilty as hell.

As a Highly Sensitive Person, you soak it in. I’m not immune to the damage I get from that and it takes ages to recover from it, no matter how hard I act. The problem with strip clubs is that they’re usually riddled in crime. Strippers (are forced to) use hard drugs to stay numb from the psychological pain they go through from stripping. They learn to disassociate from themselves while stripping. This disassociation creates a host of mental disorders like Borderline Personality Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, you name it. Women, in general, are multiple times more likely to develop these disorders than men. The reason strip club owners tend to force strippers to use hard drugs is because addicts are easier to control, exploit and manipulate. Often, strippers are duped of their income by corrupt, greedy owners. It’s also common for many strippers to get sexually assaulted while working. Either by overhorny, depraved male customers or by the club owners themselves. These are hefty reasons why strip clubs are degrading to women but the biggest reason I oppose them is that strippers are robbed of their dignity while stripping in front of strangers. I’ve talked about indignity and losing your dignity extensively on this blog. It is an extraordinarily cruel and painful horror to experience. It rips you up from the inside and eats you up alive. The worst part is it takes years to get your dignity back, if it comes back at all. Doing something or being forced to do something that robs you of your dignity, because you’re desperate and have no choice, is inhumane and dehumanizing. So f*ck strip clubs!

My heart goes out strippers. This article is dedicated to strippers. I feel for you. I’m not saying every stripper is suffering, but many of them do. Stripping is glamorized by the media. It’s seen as cool going to the strip club with the fellas. Hell, I was like that once. But I woke up. With the rise of stars like Cardi B and the media glamorizing her stripping past, it’s easy to see why so many young girls fall for the hype and think it’s cool to expose their bodies and twerk in front of strangers in the club. These used to be private exhibitions lovers of women enjoyed. But nowadays, girls and women wear tops that are slightly more than bras, hot pants that are almost thongs and they flirt with guys and men like they’re supposed to. No one ever told ’em they’re trashy. A woman is not supposed to be trashy, a woman is supposed to be classy. Now am I saying women should be cloaked up in bedsheets like females of Islam? No, but understand, as a woman, when you reveal most of your body – your boobs, your butt, your legs, your arms – most men simply don’t respect you. Most men see you as cheap and easy and not someone worth keeping or treating right with dignity and respect. There’s an old saying that goes, ‘Men use love to get sex and women use sex to get love.’ How true that seems.

Many men will appear as the prince charming and knight in shining armor to their women of interest just to get laid. Sadly many women give it up to get in a relationship. Because they feel by doing so, they’ll ‘catch’ the guy. It’s sad what has become of society. But I’m not gonna front. I’ve said some things just get in pants, too. I ain’t no saint. Guess we’ll all burn in hell.

Anyway, stripping and strip clubs sustain gender inequality and the prevalent view of many men across the world that women are merely objects of sexual satisfaction and nothing more. The notion is if a woman strips in public for money, she must know herself that she isn’t worth much and indeed really is just good for sex. Women are anything but that. Sex is not a birth-given right. Sex is a privilege. If a woman decides to get laid with you, YOU’RE the lucky one because women are awesome and that’s why, despite the fronting of men, women are chased, revered and coveted. Unless you’re a good looking guy but that’s another story. XD Women are goddesses who must be treated as such and if you as a male don’t get it, you’ve already missed half of life.

A normal woman does not see or feel the need to get nude in front of other men. Stripping commercially is not natural and it shouldn’t be seen as such. Women are not a commodity. Stripping essentially is a soft form of prostitution because women (to no fault of their own) sell soft access to their bodies. Ask a prostitute if she enjoys what she does. You’ll never hear about job satisfaction from a prostitute, no matter how much she earns. No woman wants to avail herself to male strangers – ever! And the sad and rough thing about women is when they lose their dignity that way, which is like a soft form of rape, they never really get it back. Raped women feel indignity and dirty for life!

The mythical Mother Nature must be brooding with rage seeing how we men, custodians of women, treat them. If hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn, imagine what Mother Nature must feel.

It’s a double-edged sword, a vicious cycle, a truly f*cked up situation. If you don’t go to strip clubs, the places don’t make money and the (desperate) strippers go jobless and suffer even more. If you patronize strip clubs, you contribute to the dehumanizing of innocent, traumatized, abused and exploited women. So there’ll be an extra hot place in hell for you.

Please ignore what Hollywood feeds you in music and movies. Stripping, no matter how glamorous the media makes it look like, is NOT cool. Don’t take away what you cannot replenish. You wouldn’t like it if one of those strippers were your daughter, sister, friend or girlfriend. Let that sink in.

Prayers and well wishes to all strippers the world over. There has to be something better after this life!


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