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Do Your Part! Propel The MDGs!

Are you a young person up to 30 years of age? Are you involved in a youth initiative producing outstanding digital content towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals? Then make sure to submit your project for the next edition of the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA)!

In 2012 the World Summit Youth Award selects and promotes once more the world’s best e-content created by young social entrepreneurs and developers from all UN member states. The award honours young people who work together to tackle ill-health, gender inequality, lack of education, lack of access to clean water, environmental degradation and to reduce poverty and hunger.

The global WSYA database will be open to nominations until July 16th, 2012. Visit the official website for details on the application process:

Enter your project towards reaching the MDGs in one of the six WSYA categories:

1.       Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease!

2.       Education for All!

3.       Power 2 Women!

4.       Create your Culture!

5.       Go Green!

6.       Pursue Truth!

A young expert jury will honour up to 3 winners and 2 runners-up per category. The finalists will be invited to the Winners’ Event to connect with each other and get in touch with renowned experts in the field of ICT for development. This year the event “Young Digital Planet” is hosted by the 18th World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2012) in Montréal, Canada, from October 22nd – 24th (

Apply once, win twice!

Regsiter for the WSYA 2012 & if you’re European, your work gets registered for EYA ’12, as well!

In case you are from a European country, you have an extra chance to win. The European Youth Award is a regional award of the WSYA and is carried out for the first time this year. Registration is simple because you only have to submit your application once; however your project will be evaluated twice – on both European and worldwide levels. That means your project can win two awards with one click!

The Winners’ Event of the European Youth Award will take place in Graz, the UNESCO City of Design, in Austria from November 22nd – 24th, 2012.

Does that sound good enough? We are looking forward to your application!

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Take action on the MDGs! Apply for the World Summit Youth Award 2012 and demonstrate your e-power on a global stage!

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Take action on the #MDGs ! Apply for the @youthaward 2012 and demonstrate your e-power on a global stage!



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Many of us have never seen what a famine looks like. Here’s as close as you’ll ever get to it. (Courtesy The Economist)

You may have seen the pictures of starving people in the Horn of Africa on your TV screens. We are all asking: how can this be happening again? Parts of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are facing one of the worst droughts for 60 years, and more than 12 million people are desperately in need of food, clean water and basic sanitation.

Join me in calling on world leaders to save millions of lives – today and tomorrow: 

Despite the urgency of the situation, most world leaders are responding too slowly. Immediate aid is essential. Yet at the same time we must not let them drop the ball on long term solutions as has too often happened in the past.

Take action right now at:

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