Domestic Violence

June 27, 2010

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Domestic violence is one the most common forms of gender inequality.
Regardless of the fact that it has existed since the beginning of
societies, it is a savage act that remains committed in every facet
of life as we know it. The effects of domestic violence are tremendous.
Female victims are emotionally scarred, their trust for their partners
as they knew it permanently broken, leaving the union never to find
its initial strength ever again. Children growing up in households
where this happens are psychologically affected, they tend become
aggressive, develop apathy towards the male head of the house and
often struggle to fully contribute to family life afterwards. I
should know because I experienced it and am still dealing with some
of the issues. Domestic violence thus ruins families, creating
communities of social instability.

Environments in which the act is widely accepted typically exhibit
apparent traits of chauvinism, lack of empathy and a high decline of
moral values. It is not surprising then that people of such areas are
mostly irritable, short-tempered, emotionally retarded amongst other
negative characteristics. Domestic violence has classically been
portrayed to be present in middle and lower classes of economically
developed countries and in virtually all strata of societies across
the rest of the world.

Accordingly, it is not unusual to have believed (and often still do)
that ‘the rich don’t cry’, meaning that financially well off people
don’t suffer from the specific gender inequality. Thanks to the
socio-cultural institutionalization of show business across many
parts of the world, high profile incidents of domestic violence have
lately been and increasingly continue to be widely exposed by the

What was once an affair behind closed doors, is now ruthlessly
exploited by the paparazzi for the seemingly unquenchable thirst of
the masses, eagerly anticipative of the next (celebrity) scandal.

While the above comic strip (clearly) does not intend to glamorize
domestic violence, the idea behind it is to exemplify the dilemma in
the opulent parts of society, everyday people may still deem such
menace to be unfathomable.

In the swanky ambiance of a boulevard in Beverly Hills, a group of
financially buoyant, middle-aged women having brunch, are presented
to a horrific occurrence of domestic violence to one of their best
friends. The looks on the faces of the victim’s girlfriends symbolizing the very disbelief so many of us still suffer from.

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