In South Africa, a 13 year old teenager is forced to drop out of school, to wed a senior citizen of 50 years. She’s bright and gifted and always performs top of her class in school. Her dream of becoming a successful neuro-surgeon has now been annihilated, leaving her no choice but to obey her father’s demand and marry the old age suitor. Still being a virgin, she has a crush on a boy in her class, whom she regularly talks to. The boy will never know about it and she will never get to experience what true love in a relationship feels like. In an arranged marriage, back in the village her parents come from, both the 50 year old man and the secretly-traumatized girl, are wed in traditional rituals of the local region.

That night, the man wastes no time in having his way with the girl younger than his youngest child. Her father already received a handsome sum of money in exchange for his daughter. He’s not even fussed about having any grand children, he’s just happy to have the money. 85% of it, he spends on himself, purchasing designer clothes, buying a car and eating at restaurants. The remaining 15% he gives hesitantly to his wife for domestic supplies.

Back in the girl’s new home, her clothes are ripped off her young body and her legs are raised up and spread wide. The old man, without protection, inserts his 9.5 inch erection into the girl’s vagina and penetrates in a powerful thrust into her. She screams out loud, breaking into tears while the hymen inside her vagina obliterates and heavy bleeding erupts from her genitalia. The girl cries, begging him to stop, but the senior doesn’t care and pumps ferociously into her, grunting and groaning with excitement to his sexual delight. The teenager feels as if she is tortured and prays out to God to do something but nothing happens and the 110kg heavy, hairy and sweaty old man with foul body odor pounds mercilessly into the girl’s vagina, getting more turned the more she screams. After 15 minutes, he ejaculates in her then rolls off her and exhales in satisfaction. The girl, now reduced to a raped, traumatized victim, doesn’t find the strength in her anymore to scream or protest. She just cries to herself, wishing this nightmare to go away.

It’s 8:45 pm and the man gets up and goes into the kitchen to prepare himself a meal. 1 hour later, he finishes his meal and sits on the sofa in front of the TV. He calls the girl out of the bedroom, who hasn’t snapped out of her shock and commands her to kneel in front of him. She unwillingly obeys. He opens his zipper and pulls his semi-hardened penis out. ‘Put it in your mouth and don’t stop sucking until there’s nothing to swallow!’, he grunts at her. Tears stream from her eyes again and she slowly grips his organ in one hand and performs fellatio on it: something she has never done before! He shouts, ‘Suck me harder, you bitch!’, then smacks her on the side of her head. She begins to moan in grief not knowing what is happening to her, asking herself why nobody is there for her. Angrily, he holds the back of her head and pushes it down his erection by force, while at the same time thrusting his crotch into her mouth. This, he repeats for a period of 7 minutes the secretes his semen into her mouth, not letting go of the back of her head, making sure she swallows every drop of him.

When he is done, he tells her to go shower and brush her teeth, then go to the bedroom and lie naked on the bed, waiting for his return, and pick up from where they left. She goes to the bathroom, looks in the mirror, cries, then stops as she looks at the shaving knife. Momentarily, she looks at herself in the mirror then picks up the shaving knife. She slits her left wrist vertically along the veins and bleeds out – to death. Her last thoughts were, ‘Nobody loves me. I’ve been abandoned, so I’m going to God forever!’

Rape me again.
I will never win.
I’m the act of committed sin
Because you rape me again.

My feelings you shred.
From the top of my head.
I might as well be dead
Because my feelings you shred.

My heart writhes in pain.
My innocence has been slain.
I want to slit my vein
Because my heart writhes in pain.

I have nightmares every night.
There is no end in sight.
I’ve lost the will to fight
Because I have nightmares every night.

No one ever helps,
Whether I scream or yelp.
It’s unlike anything I ever felt
Because no one ever helps.

The horror goes on.
He’s the lawn mower, I’m the lawn.
He cuts until my blood is drawn
Because the horror goes on.

My life does not matter
Between good and bad, I feel the latter.
I’m unable to converse in any chatter
Because my life does not matter.

This abomination I can’t take no more.
I’ve been set up to lose ’cause I never score.
He fucks me ’til I’m sore
And this abomination I can’t take no more.

I need to ask God why.
To me he will not lie.
Out of this misery I cannot fly
So I decide to end my life and die.

You were cruel, world!