It’s been a while I’ve blogged about women issues so here goes. This is back to my investigative journalism where I uncover disturbing realities hiding right in front of our nose: the Internet. I wrote a piece on this before. It’s shocking. This won’t be any less. I’ll jump straight into it because I don’t want to dwell too long in it. The research however has taken its toll on me again. Don’t expect a followup anytime soon.

OK, here goes.

One of the largest free porn portals online is loaded with videos on incest and child porn. You may know this site. It’s called

On the surface, it looks like just another porn site. They cater for pretty much every niche you can think of. From maids, to exchange students, nurses and more. You’d think it’s all good when you use it. Over 2 million videos and they’re all free. Then the power of porn discreetly takes over. Since there’s so much content, why don’t you just explore? It’s like you’re in a massive theme park and you’ve got unlimited access to every ride. Pornography is a psychological weapon used to keep vibrations low but that’s another story. Let’s continue the trail.

Right, so you explore. You’re curious to see what’s out there. The search box becomes your guide and you’re only limited by your imagination. So you get creative.

From nurses you go to female doctors. From maids you go to nannies. From exchange students you go to teen girls. The list goes on. And the number of possible permutations is so big we haven’t counted to it yet. That however is the very nature of porn. It’s never a one stop shop. Porn by default is designed to addict you to it. The theological reasons because of it are also another story.

As men masturbate to newer and more hardcore content, their appetite for satisfaction grows, leading them to consume more depraved stuff just to get off. In other words, you discover more and more ‘thrilling’ rides at the theme park and find that you can only be excited by these more daredevil rides. This is something I’ve talked about in my article on porn. This phenomenon is also by design from porn. It’s literally meant to deprave you irreparably over time. Let’s go on.

No one leaves porn the same. Porn is pure evil. When you look into evil, a little bit of it stays in you. Residue. That residue becomes the hook that keeps on pulling you back again & again. It’s safe to say if you masturbate to porn, you’re already addicted.

Now the jump from hardcore to illegal seems benign but it’s significant nonetheless. When you view teen content, what really drives you deeper and deeper into the abyss is the so called Related Videos. They show more, harder content supposedly related to your video. So if you’re watching ‘Blonde teen bangs teacher’, you’ll get a link to ‘Teen blows principal in office’, for example. Seems legit, right? Yeah, so you go on. The next suggestion goes like ‘Homeschooled teen done by teacher’. Then if you click on that, you get stuff like ‘Angry stepfather disciplines daughter for failed test’ and boom, you’re officially at the entrance to the dark world. Click on that and the related videos give you stuff like ‘Stepfather bangs daughter after school’, ‘Teen girl drilled by lusty father’, or ‘Young girl pounded by horny dad’. Disturbed yet? This is just the beginning. That’s the incest part. Granted, some of these girls are in their mid to late teens so you could argue it’s a bit consensual but incest doesn’t happen overnight. The daughters have to be groomed before the line is crossed and this grooming typically happens from childhood so the kids never got to think for themselves, they were abused and therefore the later sex in their teen years cannot be viewed as consensual.

You would think something like child porn is hidden. Dark web stuff. Wrong! While it may not be particularly easy to find, it is nonetheless plentiful on porn directories. This is mentioned in my first piece on porn, too. But it goes darker. You can actually find female children, no older than 11, being intercoursed with by adults. Yes and it’s on XVideos. Accessible to all and best of all? For free!

Isn’t this is a lovely world we live in? I just so LOVE society! Yayy!

I’ll post the links below for you to be haunted by. To get to child porn, use terms like ‘young’, ‘very young’ & ‘young daughter’ in the search bar. Then browse through the links and see for yourself. As you go through the search results pages, the erstwhile phantom kiddie porn starts to appear more and more. You need a pretty strong stomach for this. If you throw up because of this, do it! It’s not normality you’re dealing with anymore. This is devil’s stuff. The actual child porn usually has terms like ‘real’ added to it. Then there’s also keywords like ‘taboo’, ‘incest’, ‘inzest’, ‘dad daughter’, ‘mom son’, ‘bro sis’, ‘brother sister’ and ‘family’ that open the evil realm that much more for you. And it’s all openly available for your viewing pleasure on XVideos.

So there you have it. It’s said that many female porn stars were sexually abused as kids so they go into a porn as a way to cope with what they’ve accepted as a normality. There’s a great link in the comments section of my first porn article that talks about rape opening the door to lust. If you search hard enough, you can even find vids on terms like ‘rape’ & ‘forced’…. All on XVIDEOS. Isn’t it great? Yaay, world! 😀

Here are links that take you to the underworld. I’ve taken you to the door. (kiddie porn) (kiddie porn) (kiddie porn) (kiddie porn) (kiddie porn) (kiddie porn) (real incest channel) (kiddie porn) (incest) (incest, kiddie porn) (incest, kiddie porn) (kiddie porn) (incest channel) (kiddie porn) (kiddie porn)

Remember, every video has links to more ‘Related Videos’ and when you click on any of the suggestions, you effectively consume illegal porn that is widely believed to ‘only’ be on the dark web. In other words, by continuing to watch Related Videos, you’re engaging in illegal pornography that exploits females and lets the male perpetrators get away with murder. Yes, you are complicit.

What can we do about it? Spread the word. The more people know, the more action can publically be taken against giants like XVideos and thousands of spinoff portals existing undetected on the web.

Thank you for reading this and protect your daughters from psychos out there… even if they’re in your family.