This blog has opened the doors of success I’m enjoying online and in life. I will always be grateful for it and vow to keep it alive while I still live. And if I get kids in the future, I’ll tell them to take over when I’m gone. This is part of my legacy.

Blogging about gender inequality is not easy. The content is grim and the more you dig, the worse it gets. It starts to affect you after a while and you lose the excitement to publish on. I know you have noticed this for a number of years; I don’t blog much anymore. I’m sorry about that but my psychological health and happiness is far more important to me than raising awareness for a noble cause.

So, to have it both ways, that is cover gender inequality but still be happy, I’m gonna just publish happy content referring to women as well. I’m going to cover women of repute who have done great things and have a billion things we can learn from. I’ll also illustrate about this, instead of the existing illustrations about gender inequality.

This will be the growth and/or reinvention of Mother Nature and I think it will also add more value to this project in general. Life is more than being serious all the time. You have to have fun, too.

Thank you for (still) reading this blog. Just about every day and I’ve stopped actively promoting content here a long time ago. That’s loyalty. Thank you very much!

Have a tremendous 2017 and may all our hopes and wishes be fulfilled in Jesus Christ’s mighty name. Amen!


Photoshop Skills!

2016 has been a year of growth for me and I seek to progress more in this vein. This Photoshop is a sort of celebration for me that I’ve made it this far. Enjoy! 🙂