“I’m ugly. Your momma wouldn’t want me around you. I’m filth. People call me white trash. I used to dream but now I know my dreams turned against me. They weren’t even given to me – I saw it on TV. I used to be a huge pop fan, I’d do anything to see Britney. In the beginning we were just having fun. My friends & I would dance to videos & learn all the moves. We’ve got fake IDs so we’d go clubbing & perform everything. The guys loved us! Shots, drinks, VIP, sex in the ladies’ room, we’d try everything out. After-parties, everywhere would be a gig. If the boys were halfway cute, we’d go back to their place, their friend’s place, hotels, motels, parks, alleys, nowhere would be off limits. Girls just wanna have fun. Right? What’s wrong with that? I used to get straight A’s, I wanted to be an astronaut. The first woman on Mars. Hey, a girl can dream, right? I never had a male role model, my dad left us when I was 5. My momma’s been going from one bad boyfriend to another. She can’t stay alone. We never had much, momma’s never home. She works two jobs & a third on weekends. I watch TV, call my girls & surf on Bebo, Twitter & MySpace. Boys lie to you! They force you into having sex then tell everyone about what you look like. I lost my virginity at 12. He said he loved me so I believed him. Now, I’ve learnt to use what they want against them & now I make them beg. I’m never gonna marry, true love doesn’t exist. Boys are stupid & are too dumb to protect what they’ve got. We’ll always use them to get rich. Music is life. Britney is my favourite. I’ve got all her albums, I supported her during her meltdown. Real fans don’t just desert you when you’re down. I was the biggest Christina & Jennifer fan. I love them so much. I love glam & glitter. I dress like it & I’m hard to resist. But they do. Adults act like they care about us, but they really don’t care about us. Nobody does! If they did, we’d not get ignored so much, they’d listen to what we have to say & take us seriously. Because we’re under-age we shouldn’t be allowed to have a voice? They’re adults & they behave like children themselves and they make the decisions! Society loves looking down on us, they don’t listen so they’ll never understand us. That’s why we shut ourselves away! I escape into my own world, my friends do too, everybody does! And that’s why my music is so important to me, because the artists know what we’re talking about, they’ve been there & we share it in their songs, intimately. Just them & us. If you don’t have money, like folks round here, other people don’t even look at you. They don’t take you seriously. How can we hang out with better friends when the clowns don’t even wanna hang around with us? We go to an overcrowded school, live in a small town with no future, everyone’s going away, and hold on to each other. We’re 5 girls in our clique – best friends! We’re always there for each other. We don’t do anything wrong. I never meant to start smoking… it just happened. Two of my friends are pregnant, one’s a pothead, the other’s clinically depressed & cuts herself since she witnessed her dad blow his brains out. He was a war vet, unable to co-op with governmental neglect & life back home. Stars are us, because they’re normal people like us. They’re not snobs like the middle-class. Yeah, so I watch music videos all day. I learn more about life than a lot of educated folks. We’re smart, but we’re not gonna go to college. They don’t let people like us in. Life is short & we’re all 16 but we know we’re older than our age. We’re gonna support each other always. This world doesn’t care about you so you have to own it: Make that money & then rub it in their face! ‘Cause then all the people who never even glanced at you will flock around you, wanting to be your best friends. All of a sudden they’ll be down with your lifestyle & where you came from & will claim to understand you so well. They’ll always think because they’re so educated & from ‘good homes’, they’ll be cleverer than you & you wouldn’t be able to tell they’re mocking & using you. And that will be the greatest revenge we could ever get!”

She looks out the window of the caravan she’s living in. Dilapidated, abandoned houses are dotted around the trailer-park she’s a resident of. Dirt roads, tall trees & crows circling over the dry farms across the landscape. No city-civilization far & wide. Just an old, tiny, gas station half a mile before camp entrance.

“When that day comes, I’m gonna be beautiful. Everyone’s gonna call me pretty & no one will call me a slut or say I’m easy. Women twice my age are gonna have face-lifts & implants to look like me & big brands will be offering me big deals. I’ll be living in a mansion & then they’re gonna film it & show it on TV. I’m gonna drive luxury cars they’ll only dream of & my lifestyle will be like that of my older sisters – the superstars who came from the bottom up! The girls & me will be different but would have never changed! Our families would be the rich people I hate, but with a lot of soul in them. Since this country doesn’t care about us, we’ll take care of ourselves… and only look out for the younger generations living in our lives right now, because we’ll share with them all our pains. They’ll have older siblings to look up to in us & copy everything that we do. And they won’t care & neither will we because we’ll all know we’re not gonna be judging no one. Not like society! They’ll show us true love so we’ll give them our hearts. Then, the society is gonna label them bad & knock down their confidence but never dare to call us anything like that. Because they will worship us like their GODS & they will fall to our every whim! All despite the fact that those very fans, our loyal, genuine supporters would simply be living the lives my girls & I are living now. And they wouldn’t see anything wrong with that… you cannot call them hypocrites – it’s a waste of breath! When that day comes, we’ll be offered a lot of money to publish our autobiographies & tell our stories. And you will be worth a lot too, dear diary!”

She takes a deep breath, then turns & looks at her baby, sleeping behind her chair, in the cradle. His eyes are shut tightly, he sleeps peacefully in absolute harmony.

“I’ve now realized life is what you make it. I never thought I would have the most beautiful gift, so early in life already. In this world, I’m rags but my blessing is bigger than their entire worth. When you’re beautiful inside, you have to do it the way the videos show it because that’s the only way you get money. Then, you can protect what you have on the inside & deceive them with the outside. They’re gonna think you’re fake, a low-life, just a cheap, plastic whore! And that’s OK, because you’re playing them all for a fool. Then when you’re at the top, you become shielded from society anyway, because you’ll be in a fortress on a hill. And you’ll have your beauty protected anyway, so it won’t matter if your mask comes off. Society pretends like we don’t exist, so we learn to play the game the way we can: The way the stars, who came before us, did it & are showing us the way, exactly. We have to take what we want & own them. We’re smarter than them, but they think we’re dumb. They underestimate us & that’s why we’ll win. Everything we are now, is everything they’ll wanna be, when that time comes! Because we’ll make it look cool, like we watch it everyday on TV. Just like the system does it! Because behind the ‘bimbo-mentality’ of every dumb blonde, is a cunning & calculated puppeteer, playing them all by the strings!”

The above writing is a work of fiction from an overactive imagination. Any resemblance of the lead characters to any person living or dead, is purely coincidental. The themes the story touches upon are real & there to mirror the effects of the ‘sophistication’ of modern society on the least economically-empowered people.

Oversexualization of females

Jobs are liberalized to women but they are still oversexed to male delight. → Tight, mini skirts, deep cleavages etc → Double standard → TV: newscasting, presenting, entertainment industry. This doesn’t create gender equality – it’s a double standard! Women may work along now but men are still superior by enjoying their sexual enslavement.

-Women employed as a commodity, a staple of global delight for men.

One man to many women & nobody sees anything wrong with that (prime example: Hip-Hop videos). What happened to monogamy? What happened to fidelity? It’s socially accepted when men do it: It’s a status symbol, it’s seen as an alpha-male characteristic of success (the ueber-provider). When a woman does it, the aforementioned virtues are thrown back in her face & she’s slutty, vile, a bad woman etc. This is HYPOCRISY! ->We may live in the Information Age, but we’re still primitive animals, deep down inside. Females respond to muscle! It’s genetic, wired into their DNA codes. In the Stone Age, it was the alpha-male who was more successful in ‘mating’ a female. Not because of his primate-good looks, but because the female felt she would get the two crucial virtues to her existence: Food & Protection. Mr tall- skinny-&-lanky wasn’t exactly a contender in that regard. As simplistic as it sounds, it holds a lot of weight, irrelevant of the diversity in body types today, or how sophisticated women have become. The frame of a muscular man isn’t there to stimulate a woman mentally, she’s not exactly going to cue on to protein-based-muscle-development conversations, is she? She responds to them in a subconscious way. Even if she’s not into hunky guys, she still notes psychologically that (if need be) she can get (some form of physical) protection from him… or manipulate him to use his brawn to her favor – whichever she prefers! The point is, women are attracted to muscle. So, this basic principle has become bastardized all around the world. Male non-commitment is the new ‘cool’ in (sexual) relations with females. Therefore, the misconception of success as a man, through fornicating with with as many women as possible, has been conditioned upon many members of recent generations (from Generation X to Millennials). Monogamy & fidelity are thrown out of the window. Men pursue lust & adultery because they yearn recognition in society, e.g. the ladies’ man. In a world of 7 billion people, who doesn’t want to stand out? Even if you’re not built like a wrestler: Sleeping with multiple women, as an averagely-built or scrawny guy, allows you to ‘walk with the giants’. You earn the respect of alpha-males & are increasingly given that respect outside that circle. You’re a STUD!

-Women don’t like to be 100% of the time, always ‘sexy’, half naked in kinky clothes, deep cleavages, tight dresses, etc. Pyjamas, sweaters, coats, jumpers, long-sleeved shirts – COMFORTABLE CLOTHES are a big hit too, because they’re not primarily wearing it to make guys happy, but themselves & what’s wrong with that? But this millennium must have not got the memo. It’s the 21st century! Duh! Silly me.

It’s OK for a guy to look like he just woke up… all day long but it’s a mm-mm, no-no when a girl does the same thing. How many of you girls reading feel (enormous) pressure to look your best in these times… all the time? YOU? Well, your problem has  been halved because you just got some closure. Looking sexy 24hrs a day – does that even sound natural? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so to the admirer a woman IS sexy, regardless of what she looks like in the morning or appears like through the day! Why then still care about what other people think? Somewhere along the way of evolving to ‘modern society’, we decided to substitute our perception of beauty with trends of the wider public. The fashionable thing of the near future will probably be to revert to that original form, then we’ll really be oh-so-sophisticated. My, my – such class! Moreover, when a woman feels sexy, no one can tell her otherwise. So, people’s perceptions are just background noise; it’s what’s in your head that matters! The keyword of the day is SHARING: From everything in your personal life right down to your intimacies. What was once used to be private pleasure, has now become public right! I mean, come on, why aren’t I allowed to see what your boobs look like? Of course I’m not your boyfriend! See? I just qualified. Oh, get with the times, will you? It’s the 21st century!

No longer is hot, raunchy clothing confined to the bedroom. Haute Couture is now excessively influenced by seductive-wear. Because sex is one of the most primal needs of humankind, it has become exploited ruthlessly to gauge everyone to it, coercing them to buy into the trend of sexy-everything. The result? SEX SELLS! The ‘lady in the streets, freak in the sheets’ adage has unfortunately been reduced to ‘slut in the bedroom, tramp in public’. Once again, I do not mean any verbal abuse to women in this regard, I’m solely directing my brutally-honest criticism to the rationale of the greater societal system we (have to) live in. Us people have nothing to do with it, live your life!

What was once ‘Kiss but don’t tell’ has turned to ‘Snog, tweet & facebook about it’. There goes the self-respect.

Oversexing & all the above, condition females, especially young ones, to ultimately believe they’re aesthetic goods & are only there to satisfy male desires. They start to think they can pretty much only succeed if they become ‘sexy’, doll/kitten-like, in addition to voluntarily dumbing themselves down & repressing their numerous, multiple gifts & strengths. All hail the Bimbo-Mentality! There’s a saying that goes a man uses his intelligence to get ahead in life, while a woman intending to succeed, dumbs herself down. A tremendously chauvinistic statement to women, agreed, but when you think about it, there’s a lot of truth to it… because that’s the society we (chose/choose) to live in today. And this reality dawned upon a lot of women out there, trying to make it in life. Forget the fact you’re analytical & reverse-suplex most people down with your arguments in a debate; to stand a good chance at life-success, act really girly, wear kinky, sexy, (pink) mini-outfits with a big smile & act really dumb to general knowledge & common sense. You’ll be getting offers/referrals in no time. You see, contrary to what you may (definitely) think, you’ll be totally cute! Us guys love that stuff! I mean, who wouldn’t want to date you? Boys get schooled, grow up, become men – or overgrown boys, work (hard) & live their lives, doing their thing. The female version of that is increasingly succumbing to societal sexualization etc, not because they’re sluts but because they’re following the trend… of this sick & twisted world. OOPS, typo… how did that slip in there?



So then, they’re called bimbos, gold-diggers, cold-hearted b*tches, corporate prostitutes (sleeping to the top) etc. If chauvinism, the glass ceiling & gender inequality didn’t exist, they wouldn’t have to (among other things) do that, to begin with! So women understood the game & are basically making  away with the gains they can. That, in turn, goes to show how immensely cunning & intelligent they are. But they’re only living in such reality because men overwhelmingly put them there, in the first place!

Women existing as aesthetic commodities contributes in part to human trafficking & sexual slavery. I recommend further reading eBooks Sex Trafficking of Women in the United States & Trafficking in women for sexual exploitation, they’re ridiculously informative!  There are more obvious reasons the organized crime is carried out, particularly from socio-economic points of view, but trading lives just to get laid plays a big role nonetheless. Mail Order Brides are mild examples of sex slavery, many of the girls are in it to escape poverty. Now, are you telling me every one of those girls genuinely want to spend the rest of their lives, serving a master, then kneeling before him, unzipping his trousers and… ? Didn’t think so.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING & SEXUAL SLAVERY = FEMALE EXPLOITATION! I highly recommend grabbing a copy of & watching ‘Shuttle’ & ‘Taken’. They treat the issues fantastically & are great movies.

In Showbusiness, women are de facto forced to exploit their sexuality, by revealing their anatomy & private parts provocatively in public. Think about it: Women are regularly in half-naked attires, barely covering their bits, while the men in showbusiness are almost always completely cloaked up in suits, coats, jackets etc. If a man wants to be sexual in public, he’ll leave the first three buttons of his tailored shirt undone. Wooh, get ’em tiger! In contrast, this clearly makes women a staple for men’s sexual gratification & the participating women seem to be fine with it because that’s the industry & the industry is gender-inequality-promoting to females! Even when it’s ‘advocating’ girl power, it showcases it in a, to females, sexually-exploitative way: Yeah, go ahead & take on the world, but show some skin while you’re at it, hunny! Need a general example? Try glamour modelling.

Women are influenced to pose their rears, while making sexual innuendos to snapping-photographers. By making this the norm of the day, it’s desensitized Western-pop-culture-embracing societies (including the one I come from) to universally accept such subtle elements of soft pornography. And you thought there wasn’t a perv in you! How many women engaging in this charade actually want to act ‘sexy’ for hours on end in public & have a thoroughly good time doing it? Even adult stars have their reservations deep inside, I bet – they’re only human! Doesn’t that signify a blatant form of female exploitation? When you’re, however, offered a hefty cheque with more zeros in it than a loser, I guess even the most prudish Goody Two-Shoes will unhesitatingly bare & shake it all for the paparazzi. When you pimp yourself out, you strive to look sexy because it has been made to look glamorous for, at least, the past two decades. The images in mainstream media entertainment shows, motion picture, music videos & showbusiness – they all depict successful women being really happy with life because they’re oh-so-SEXY!And everybody else outside that glamorous bubble wants in & works hard to become sexy as well because that is, after all, where the success lies: The big break; the escape from the rat-race. What (seemingly) the majority of the masses fail to realize, is that the actors in the bubble are just that – ACTORS! Because the life they represent in those worlds don’t exist – THEY’RE ALL FAKE! That’s why their smiles are fake – from the lips. The events they showcase are : “Superhot guy meets summer-model babe & the sun is shining. The sky is is blue & the GDP of the neighbourhood is like $500 million, despite the recession. Everyone is young, attractive & super-rich! The guy & girl glance at each other & instantly connect, it’s LOVE AT 1ST SIGHT! They smile at each other & ooh, they look so good, it’s obvious they’re soulmates. They jump into his bright-yellow, supercharged, limited-edition, convertible sports car & drive off into the sunset, care-free to God-knows-where. She fully trusts him, this absolute stranger & they share the most romantic evening ever together, in his lush, city-centre penthouse overlooking the city lights. They then spend the night making hot, sizzling, endless rounds of utter-passionate love, with no indication of using any protection since you never see them stop to fetch condoms out the bedside-drawer. HIV/AIDS probably don’t even exist, they’re all SUPERHOT, SEXY & OH-SO-SUCCESSFUL and embody EVERYTHING everybody else who’s human in the world would desire. We’re not stupid, just stuck in the rut between a bad economy, a dead or dying job market & a lousy job that’s barely keeping us broke. So, we invest our consciousness into the quest to sexiness because THAT’S THE LIFE & EVERYTHING BECOMES PERFECT WHEN YOU’RE SEXY! SEX SELLS, both ways. It’s not like you don’t know what to do: Shake It, Baby!