It’s no secret that African education is of a (very) low caliber. Most education systems across Black Africa are inferior to those of other continents, talk less of their own societal challenges. The truth is African education is based and sustained on outdated theoretical methodologies with which the pupil is equipped up to tertiary level. By the time he/she becomes a graduate, whether of polytechnic or university, the (vast) majority of them and their peers are incapable of leading, innovating and creating businesses that not only thrive but also re-define entire industries. This dearth in intelligence, despite having over a billion in population, leads Africa to trail behind everyone in virtually everything. The few African parents who don’t benefit from covert-western-backed, Black African corruption and managed to save a few Dollars to send their kids abroad, by and large tell their kids to stay abroad upon graduation because there’s nothing in Africa to look forward to. There’s no infrastructure, no enlightenment, no world exposure, low intelligence, high ignorance and an even bigger degree of arrogance in thinking Black Africa is at the center of the universe. That is why 80% of Africans in the diaspora, at the very least, will never return to settle down in Africa permanently, because the continent and her people are just too low and too low of a mentality to be taken seriously.

Then again, though, there are exceptions in everything in life. From the majority of banality and unfounded arrogance from a non-existent social supremacy over others, every now and then a person comes along who is not noticed until international organizations quickly spot their prowess, leadership and potential to achieve greatness. The West is quick to promote and nurture such people because they ultimately plan to acquire these talents, to live and innovate in the West, for life. Nothing is free in this world.

Be that how it may, however, in regions like East Africa, where not much Black African independence and Black African sovereignty is present, one success story is beginning to make waves in her country. I’m talking about Mrs Clarisse Iribagiza, a foremost female tech maverick whose tech corporation, HeHe Labs has not only put Rwanda on the map, but is representing the potential of tech innovation in the East African hemisphere. Now known as DMM.HeHe, a subsidiary of the Japanese media conglomerate DMM Group, the tech firm based in Kigali, Rwanda, produces innovative technological solutions that truly enable people to do more, be more and ultimately be empowered. This is not an easy task, in light of the vast amount of ignorance engrained in many private sectors: small enterprise managers and medium scale entrepreneurs who only know their small enclave of the world and have no basic enlightenment of how to do more with what is available nowadays. In Rwanda, for example, there’s a prevalent mentality of distrusting anything that is new and threatens the reality of the status quo. So anyone who ‘comes out of nowhere’ and demonstrates disruptive methodologies and solutions, is primarily battered down in the prevalent Rwandan entrepreneurs’ ignorance of running businesses smarter and making more money in the process. This isn’t just a major hurdle for Clarisse and DMM.HeHe, no, multinationals in the country have the same problem: everyone who wants to do business in Rwanda, has to educate and enlighten his/her target market while also canvassing to them. These two requirements are not and will never be mutually exclusive. So, to get the heads of small businesses together and proving to them that they need technological packages to take their businesses to levels they’ve only dreamt of, has been a major win on Clarisse’s behalf. While there’s a lot more work that still needs to be done, both in terms of empowering the people by knowledge and capability, the track record achieved by DMM.HeHe so far is nothing less than impressive. In less than a year of joint operation, the firm has enabled dozens of diverse companies to metaphorically punch above their weight and make much, much more sales. The prospect of reaching more corporate clients and elevating the nascent e-commerce industry in Rwanda to greater heights, has attracted widespread attention from all areas of the world. Most notably and in recent times, Mrs Clarisse Iribagiza has been nominated along with 7 other Rwandans to become the African Entrepreneur of 2017, in this year’s Africa Youth Award. It’s crystal clear this socio-economically stagnant continent of Black Africa, that is heavily endowed with most of the world’s natural resources, needs more power capacities the caliber of Clarisse. If we can find a Clarisse in every country in Black Africa and keep on finding one every year, respectively – it’s evident that Africa will not only finally rise, but remain at the top of the world podium the way it rightly should – but it can never be achieved if the low mentality, banality, poor exposure and widespread ignorance are not checked immediately. Failing to do so will only confirm what anti-Africanists preach all the time: that we Black Africans are intellectually inferior to everybody else and can never develop.

It’s time to prove the world wrong. Let’s vote for Clarisse now and reaffirm her statement: that Africa has the acumen to lift herself out of poverty and occupy greatness forever!


Clarisse Iribagiza CEO DMM.HeHe

CEO of DMM.HeHe, East Africa’s Foremost Tech Corporation