When Meryll Streep, Michelle Obama, Slumdog Millionaire’s lead actress (I forgot her name) & CNN’s Isha Sesay went to a girl education/female empowerment summit in Morocco, one of the key points Michelle made, was that for every Dollar invested in a female, $8 are returned. By any means of investing, the world over, that is a phenomenal scheme, or as the Germans would call it, ‘Ein Bombengeschaeft!’ Women make up about 40% of the world’s labour force, yet perform two thirds of the world’s labour. In addition to that, they get paid less than a third of the world’s revenue. Simply put, that is slavery!

They say women are cunning, but not nearly as much as male employers who live the high life on the backs of female family providers. It’s not just a Western thing – it’s a worldwide malaise.

When men work, they spend at least 60% of their wealth on themselves. Women overall spend at least 60% of their income, on their families. There are thousands of stories of mothers all across the world, who give of themselves, literally, just to feed or provide for their family. White women who shave their heads, just to sell it to Black hair salons, as extensions for £60, up. What do they use the money for? Food, school books for their children and other miscellaneous requirements their families need. It is a well known fact, in many cultures, that when a couple gets a child, and the man chickens out and leaves, the woman often keeps the baby and raises it herself. The huge challenge they overcome by themselves – and God of course, but the woman exalts her child & makes the child believe in themselves, no matter what their situation is. Many highly successful people, celebrities and personalities come from single mom homes. In pop music? Justin Bieber, Trey Songz, Tupac, just to name a few. Want more? Google ‘celebrities from single mom homes’. What these successful people often share, is the fact that their mothers made them understand they could succeed in life if they worked hard for it. And they did. And the rest is history.

Gender inequality isn’t just a pertinent, developing countries’ issue. It’s woven into every society’s fabric, from Los Angeles, across the Atlantic, to Tokyo and everywhere in between. In Silicon Valley, there are not only just a few female bosses, but the overall culture among startups & investing is not only chauvinistic but outright sexist in many ways. ‘Go to cooking, leave tech for the big boys!’ ‘Shouldn’t you be a housekeeper?’ ‘You’re in engineering? Are you lesbian?’ Sound familiar? You won’t believe how many female execs & professionals have heard that & still contend with it. Women under gender inequality have to traumatically develop a thick skin just to survive, which shouldn’t be. It is men’s duty to protect women from harm, be it physical or emotional. Since women in the work world rarely get any male to stand up for themselves, men as a whole have failed MotherNature’s task of being guardians of females and continue to do so.

Across much of Black Africa, beating women is socially accepted & perceived as a ‘private affair’ of couples. Reporting domestic violence to the police yields nothing because of the above & the policemen themselves beat their wives ‘if need be’. In Northern Africa, women are completely suppressed as in much of the Middle East. Getting jobs, dressing how they like, going out & socializing, even driving cars & owning property is exempt from women. Plus they must always wear Hijabs, sometimes whole blankets, while the men always have to do nothing relating to their dress code. Any woman who breaks the law is physically punished by whips or even killed.

Honor killings in Asia feed into this rationale too. Any female who brings ‘shame’ to her family, is murdered by the men of the family, in order to restore the family’s ‘reputation’ in society. To call such people backward & demented is an understatement.

The advent of Ultra Sound Scans in the prenatal realm has spurred a sexist genocide on female babies. In China, India & other Asian countries, females are viewed as a burden, because females aren’t ‘economically viable’ as males. Exorbitant dowries will have to be paid to groom’s families (in India) and little finances will be earned from females (in China). So the parents abort their baby when it’s a girl and keep it when it’s a boy. These low IQ men need to understand that by viewing females as weak, they’re viewing themselves as weak because they provided the X-Chromosome.

In countries of abject poverty, the world over, poor families choose to keep their daughters at home, while educating their sons as long as they can afford. When the male drops out from school, he can still, relatively easily, get a job & add income to the family. Not so much so with girls. In this world, girls from poor families are much rather kept at home and taught housekeeping by their mothers, while also groomed to be ‘good brides’ in the future. It is not uncommon, thus, that these girls are then given away in marriage, just so the family can ‘breathe’ again, financially speaking. Yes, child marriage still plagues much of the world & until this very moment, too – not nearly enough is being done about it. What we find is international organizations increasingly playing the role of governments. Just ask Save The Children, Oxfam & Amnesty International, to name a few.

In cases like reproductive health, a lot of pregnant women lack access to quality healthcare, or even any healthcare, as is commonly found. Just watch the movie ‘The Last Face’. (Big flick) Practices like female circumcision, which effectively is the mutilation of the vagina by cutting entire parts off it, go on unhindered in developing countries, with no sign of abating, ever. Basic amenities like midwifery is a luxury to a vast array of expecting mothers in (Black) Africa & (Southern) Asia. Mothers dying while giving birth is common in these parts of the world. Maternal death, however, is completely avoidable!

When girls go through a system of despondence and sexism against themselves, simply by virtue of their gender, they develop, at the very least, low self-esteem issues because they’re pretty much told they’re not good enough in the human experience. They imbibe restrictive programming that hinders their personal development, especially in psychological terms. Growing up, these girls, who make up a large part of the world’s female population, become women who innately believe there are some things best suited for men – like working – while there are other things best suited for women – like caring. Since we attract what we are, these women live submissively, almost docile – to no fault of their own, ever.

A girl encouraged becomes a power woman. Simple as that. A single mother is the true gladiator in the mad, worldly arena of iniquity & injustice that we call society. A lady who is given the knowledge & tools to succeed, doesn’t just become a familial provider, but a platform on which her community develops. I’ve stood on one such platform and still do today. Her name is Nkemdilim Begho.

By developing females, at least as much as males, we don’t just create an equitable society, but also live in one such constructs where lasting peace is achieved. Females naturally abhor violence & such leadership is desperately needed in the world today. Gender inequality isn’t just about such things as contending with the Glass Ceiling – it’s about the outright theft of our society’s proportional prosperity & wellness. We are a sick, ailing & stagnating species as long as we (men) choose to put the needs of females last and enslave them to a reality of tribulation, despair and suffering. Someone needs to remind us that we live well only when females are properly taken care of.

It has to come not just from me.

Here is a great article from the World Economic Forum that talks about women being the catalyst in the eradication of poverty, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa. It addresses the incredible progress they make, despite living in repressive & hostile environments. Have a read, it’s really awesome.

How Empowering Women Can Help End Poverty In Africa

I’m a man and cannot tell women how to live. Only females can teach femininity. I know a bit about gender inequality, though & am outspoken about the plight of female victims of gender inequality all over the world. Gender inequality is a crime. It’s heinous and mostly perpetrated by men. It’s both personal & institutional, meaning it happens amongst people and is carried out by both the private and public sector. If I had a daughter, I won’t lie, I’ll teach her a lot of guy things so that she will be prepared for the iniquities given from males.

First of all, I think females should at least learn comprehensive self defence, ideally from an early age. Why? Because men beat and kill women and I don’t want that to happen anymore. If I had a daughter, I’m sorry but I would insist she learn how to fight, so that I can stop worrying about her safety as she grows up to become a young woman. Date rape, domestic violence, sexual assault & gang rape are all reasons females in the world should learn a martial art or two, to adjust to the grim reality of this world. A woman who can kick your ass is a threat to any man, even those who can fight and a lot of men avoid stepping to people they know can fight. That’s just the way a lot of men are: coward!

Secondly, work extremely hard to be the best at what you do. Women often have to work at least twice as hard as men to get the same recognition. Be the best so that you can rise through the ranks and order men around. Men respect authority and if it’s a woman who doesn’t take any bullsh*t, they respect her even more. Power is what humbles a lot of men. They subdue themselves to whoever’s powerful, because they want want to be a victim. It’s ironic because the people who victimize women the most are men. Be so good, nobody messes with you. Then you won’t have to worry about being victimized anymore. Nobody will challenge your power.

Another thing is that too few women are outspoken. This is commonly viewed as a weakness even though it isn’t. Men generally think that if you don’t speak out for yourself, you’re a pushover and they can get away with murder when it comes to you. Stand up for yourself, even when you’re scared! It’s hard but it gets easier with every time you do it. I like my women temperamental, with fire. I’m a shy, layed back guy so it’s a good mix. But these kind of women are only a minority and most women simply go with the status quo, even if they don’t like it. I understand that women often do this for the greater good of their family, so that they don’t suffer any worse but something needs to be done. That’s why I canvass for everyone to speak out for and help females to beat gender inequality because it affects us all.

Next point is solidarity. Females stick well together and form bonds with each other easily. They’re open socially, so they talk about a lot and clear up a lot of things verbally and get it off their chest. There needs to be a lot more of this. Females in every community should form unions, clubs, groups, societies and organizations to exclusively express and tackle their issues and well being. Thank God there’s now a UN Women body in the United Nations. I never thought I would see it in my lifetime. This is great but females need to unite all the time, wherever they are, as this counters the consequences of male only led administrations throughout much of the world. We need female organizations because that way, women strongly influence the policies accepted by the masses of the world.

Women need to build more businesses. In many parts of the world, entrepreneurship is largely a masculine thing. However, entrepreneurship is protected and promoted by governments because it creates jobs, cuts unemployment and contributes to GDP. Corporations are power and the more women can run it and primarily empower other younger women and females, the more women can balance the skewed arrangement of wealth distribution in the world, that is largely in men’s favour.

With these points above, females can tangibly change the world to a more gender neutral, productive & socio-economically sustainable eco space for all of us. This is the best way to not only adapt to gender inequality, but to ultimately beat it!

Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world. It dates back a very long time, at least since the Roman Empire. Women have figured out that men really love their anatomy and will pretty much do anything to enjoy it. It’s no secret that women therefore often have a certain power of control over men. They just do. It’s common to see relationships where the females ‘wear the trousers’, simply because the men are so into them. The person who loves least in a relationship, controls it. Remember that!

Back to prostitution. Getting jobs for women isn’t easy. Gender inequality has been around since humans began to work for a living. Traditionally, most cultures feel that a woman’s domain is the home she lives in. So daily domestic chores like cleaning up, washing clothes/dishes & looking after children is women business. Gender inequality begins from raising children, where boys are educated and taught a trade, whiles girls stay with their mothers & learn to be homemakers. Poverty exists in every society though and the income of men, who are by and large the ‘head of the house, frequently isn’t enough to sustain families. It’s been a normal occurrence for centuries and still is. So females of sexual maturity are sent out to make money the easiest way they can: through prostitution. There also exists child labour, where children work alongside their parents or on their own, in order for more money to come to the family as a whole. Such practice has been and still is common in developing countries.

Prostitution, however, is a global phenomenon. It’s patronized by men who don’t have sex regularly, commonly due to busy work schedules that have to be, in order to make ends meet. It’s not a working class thing alone though, rich people do it too. The affluent call it differently: call girls & escorts. Women in this category charge several hundreds of Pounds Sterling at least, per night. Sex is a commodity and controlled to a large extent by organized crime. Powerful criminals, who are among the wealthy and respected in society, run chains of brothels, motels, hotels, casinos & other commercial organizations that permit paid sex as a ‘value added service’ to their operations. Nonetheless it’s not official, they just look the other way when it happens. The proceeds are high, and the further up the chain of command it goes, the bigger the share is.

Prostitutes are known to be poor, belonging to the working poor of society. Yes, call girls who ‘service’ rich and powerful men earn more, but they’re not the majority. Like taking on many other professions, prostitution is a choice, but when women don’t have enough to eat and feed their families and can’t get jobs because employment is largely reserved for men, a significant number of women, as a last resort, turn to prostitution. There are also drug addicts among prostitutes, who additionally also have an expensive habit to finance: the addiction to hard drugs like Crack, Cocaine, Heroin, Crystal Methamphetamine and other variations. These women spend the little they get on ‘scoring’, which is the process of shooting up drugs through your veins.

Too little is done worldwide to assist prostitutes. They’re looked down upon & insulted for living the harsh lives that they do. What people often fail to realize is that prostitution is closely related to poverty & working poverty. It’s not unusual to find prostitutes who come from broken homes. They never had the blessing of being raised right by loving parents, in a home that secured them and nurtured their ambitions. Instead, they experienced cruel things like being raised by single, abusive, and /or drug-addicted parents. They grew up in crime-riddled neighborhoods, where decent jobs are largely non-existent & the agonizing pain of poverty, which inflicts hunger, starvation, deprivation & indignation, bites hard every day. In those situations, they did the best they could & it often meant crime, because crime is the pervasive form of employment there. Men sell drugs or go into robbery and women resort to prostitution. It’s a reality you don’t wish onto anybody!

I’ve slept with prostitutes before. I didn’t get laid & craved for sex. Being far from perfection, I’m no saint. I patronized prostitution because it was affordable & readily available. I played safely but the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases and/or HIV/AIDS is ever present therein, regardless of the precautions you take. Many prostitutes keep condoms with them, but getting sex diseases from them is very easy. Drug addicted prostitutes also contend with the risk of getting HIV/AIDS by sharing syringes, needles, knives & other sharp tools they use to take drugs. So prostitution is somewhat a bedrock of sexually transmitted diseases and/or HIV/AIDS.

In my experience with prostitutes, I’ve learned that they’re just people like you and me. They have hopes and fears & and are affected by what goes on in society, like everybody else. They’re down to Earth & normal people… living a f*cked up life. Where there’s life, there’s hope and it could be worse, they could be dead but they fight on every day, like valiant soldiers who refuse to be defeated. Women who work in prostitution shouldn’t be called derogatory names like ho, hooker or bitch. They’re sisters, daughters, mothers, aunties & humans. They deserve respect, regardless of what they do. If you don’t live the life of another person and don’t go through its experiences, how can you have a right to judge that person? You don’t! When you point a finger at someone, you have three fingers pointing back at you. Respect people for who they are: human. And they have just as much right as you to live and be!

I care for prostitutes. I choose to. Here in Lagos, you see ladies as young 16 going into the trade. It’s heart-breaking. Sometimes when I look at them and they look back, I see the pain in their eyes. They look at me, asking why they must live this hardship, with their look. To succeed in this world, you by and large have to come from a sheltered upbringing, a home. Yes, there are people who made it from rags to riches but they’re few and far apart. The reality is that the vast majority of people who don’t come from homes and/or were born in and live in poor, crime-riddled neighborhoods, don’t make it successful in life. They succumb to a life of crime, vices and prostitution. So you who is reading this, though we’re different from each other, we in actual fact belong to the privileged of the world. We’re educated, skilled, were born and raised in homes by parents/guardians who more commonly than not cared about us and ’til this day, we STILL live in homes! We are the fortunate in the world because the vast majority of people in the world are poor and exposed to crime. We can therefore not imagine what that reality is like. We therefore also don’t have the right to criticize them because we simply would not know what we’re talking about, simply because we never went through it and are STILL not going through it. Success in this world is living in a home, eating regularly & having a legitimate source of income. Most people just don’t do that!

If governments around the world can afford to spend billions of Pound Sterling for ‘recreational/leisure activities’, like the World Cup, the Olympics & national/continental & international tournaments in other sports, at least every year, then they can also easily develop and fund programs for the rehabilitation of prostitutes! Even powerful politicians like Italy’s Berlusconi patronize prostitution with their Bunga Bunga sex parties! So everyone takes advantage of it but nobody wants to fix it. Typical!

If you help prostitutes, you help families because women who are empowered, empower their own families. Empowered families create prosperous communities, where crime is low and socio-economic development high. Help prostitutes! Care for them! They’re people just like you and me and are not any less. They never were and will never be!

This article is dedicated to all prostitutes, call girls, escorts and sex workers around the world, who commonly have to live through far more hardship in society than any other demographic. Despite their miseries, my heart goes out to them!

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Warning: Contains Strong Language! Don’t read if otherwise offended! ><

I’m a proud man. I don’t know if I was born proud, to be honest I’m actually humble. But growing in life, I imbibed pride. Pride of my ethnicity, family and life. Pride comes before the fall. I’ve had mine. The type of fall I’m talking about, I’ll reveal later, so as not to give a false impression – because I’ve fallen more than I can remember! This blog often addresses gender inequality holistically but chauvinism only in brief notices. Oh well! Maybe it’s the chavinist in me; but that’s the point.

Females are good listeners, because they care. Females innately tend to distress in their immediate surrounding. It takes an outwardly-caring man to do the same. Yeah, not everyone’s the same. Cold b*tches pass you by, that’s life. Are you offended? Good, ’cause what better way is there to learn about chauvinism than from a chauvinist, himself? I know I’ve made great improvements in elevating from this state of being since I realized it, but I guess I still hold the mentality of ‘once you’re it, you’re always it’. Some day though, I will forgive myself. In full. Anyway. Guys use females often to get comfort in being cared for, being acknowledged, being listened to and (somewhat) taken seriously.

Just kidding. About the somewhat. Anyway. It’s typical. There’s nothing wrong with it. Behind that macho bravado, in the absence of their homies, guys LOVE to hang out with a BFF-type girl and just chill, open up about personal problems, get some load off their chest. However you wanna put it, it’s regular. Once again, nothing wrong with that. What becomes such though, is what happens afterwards. Like a one-night stand in the end, the guys mostly feel they have no further obligations and just leave. At least with a one-night stand, it’s not peculiar. Two can play, right? But if a girl gives you her heart, gives you her time, opens up to you and your problems, all of your insecurities and issues, as a guy, if you leave her, right after she’s given you the goodness, simply ’cause you feel you don’t have anything more to say or do since you got yours, she’s then not a fool for having been dumped, emotionally. She’s a woman. That guy? That guy is a p*ssy! And no, I don’t mean vagina.

Lol, I just realized the term ‘p*ssy’ is of chauvinism origin, itself. If you’re soft and weak, you’re referred to, in a condescending way, to the vagina, namely p*ssy! Like, if you’re not hard, you’re soft, and that’s not macho-like. At least the penis gets hard once in a while, but the p*ssy? This is my deduction but I’m sure there’s some truth to it. Right? Machoism – the perceived supremacy of the human race. What potent chauvinism infused here. How rich. But ehy, what place to not put it on Dotun’s Blog, than in this post? It’s chauvinism! And we’re addressing it. You and me. OK, let’s go on.

This sucks. It really sucks. You know why? Because it reinforces the invisible, mental shackles of the restricitve, and oppressive social conditioning we largely live under and disturbingly accept in this world, that imprisons many, many females in the sentencing of being deemed a less important sex than males, which is a sentencing that sprawls from a deep-seated chauvinistic conviction. Big grammar! Weak sentence structure but ambitious attempt. Yeah, but I got my point across. On to the next one.

Anyway, so the females get used and abused often, as a normality, on an emotional basis, in their large, large numbers, more and more often than not, by loads and loads of guys. Yes, I feel like crap for being a guy now, that last sentence ripped me down. A bit. Whatever. Such is my job. But man, it sucks how hard it is to ‘disconnect’ yourself from the topic you’re treating and get beat down emotionally, ’cause the raw content of it is just so dark! NOW, IMAGINE WHAT FEMALES GO THROUGH WHEN THEY EXPERIENCE THIS SH*T!

Congratulations! You have just experienced an insight into the suffering of a female victim of gender inequality, from one perspective. Mind you, there are thousands, and this glimpse was only of minor intensity! Smile! It’s a beautiful day! Right? Oh, to be me. And you, for reading this stuff. We’re just going to have to wallow in it together. Crazy. Enjoy! Anyway.

Right, so that’s really bad and really painful for females to experience because they get left in the cold. And the guys who’ve done that, (me), who do that, (loads), don’t give f*ck and that’s the way it is (and has often been). OK, so what’s the next point? I’m writing the way I think because that way I maintain fluidity. You’re welcome, writers! Now, females aren’t second class to males. That’s just a dumbed-down, albeit prevalent male way of thinking. We’re in this together! Whichever way you wanna look at it, every conniving, no-good-for-nothing chauvinist was born out of the vagina of a woman, which by default then, should make him a p*ssy! But no one ever says anything about that, huh? Only, ‘Oh, I’m so guy, and I’m a macho and oh, I love my balls, my beard and my b*tch(es)!’

Go figure. People are left for God to make sense out of, not us. And I don’t even think I’m being blasphemous. I once read that being hateful of people is being a misanthropist. Who? ME? Well, if you scuba-dive into this ish like I do and realize so much of the vastness of evil there is to this conundrum and loosely put the pieces together with other, large-scale, man-made, millennial f*ck-ups that have been raging worldwide, afflicting the majority of people ever since Mother Earth first said, ‘Aw crap – humans!’, then you would understand why it is so too easy to just tap in and out of it, like you’re in the zone playing hopscotch!

Yes, I’m on fire. But I’m a water sign. And I wanna cool off because I’m approaching my limit and if I continue, I’ll post junk that will just be inappropriate for this elaboration. But I thank you for keeping up with me, this far. So, this is what we’re gonna do: the next time we see a guy abruptly breakin’ off with a girl after he made her his agony aunt, we’re gonna tell him, ‘Ehy! You wouldn’t like that if some pr*ck left you after you gave your heart to help him, so don’t treat a woman that way, b*tch!


Well, we can try, right? The intention of every attempt reinforces another. Karma. You have to believe!

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