This blog has opened the doors of success I’m enjoying online and in life. I will always be grateful for it and vow to keep it alive while I still live. And if I get kids in the future, I’ll tell them to take over when I’m gone. This is part of my legacy.

Blogging about gender inequality is not easy. The content is grim and the more you dig, the worse it gets. It starts to affect you after a while and you lose the excitement to publish on. I know you have noticed this for a number of years; I don’t blog much anymore. I’m sorry about that but my psychological health and happiness is far more important to me than raising awareness for a noble cause.

So, to have it both ways, that is cover gender inequality but still be happy, I’m gonna just publish happy content referring to women as well. I’m going to cover women of repute who have done great things and have a billion things we can learn from. I’ll also illustrate about this, instead of the existing illustrations about gender inequality.

This will be the growth and/or reinvention of Mother Nature and I think it will also add more value to this project in general. Life is more than being serious all the time. You have to have fun, too.

Thank you for (still) reading this blog. Just about every day and I’ve stopped actively promoting content here a long time ago. That’s loyalty. Thank you very much!

Have a tremendous 2017 and may all our hopes and wishes be fulfilled in Jesus Christ’s mighty name. Amen!


Photoshop Skills!

2016 has been a year of growth for me and I seek to progress more in this vein. This Photoshop is a sort of celebration for me that I’ve made it this far. Enjoy! 🙂

Lonely World

November 20, 2016


In the article link below is a visual representation that graphically highlights just how lonely it is for women to be in positions of power. It’s outrageous and not enough is still not being done to achieve gender equality. Have a look!

Something Disturbing Is Realized When Men Are Removed From These Photos…

Read More:


Dear White People,

October 14, 2016

I’m Just Saying


September 21, 2016

My Lord, Jesus Christ, was your son.

You rose to Heaven when on Earth, your work was done.

Holy Mary.


You are the biggest icon in Hollywood.

You got raped as a girl, went through hell but still remained good.



Throughout your life, you experienced great evil from many, especially men!

But even though you cried many tears, a golden egg you laid, as that prolific hen.



You cared for society rejects, however low they were.

You never shied away from them, saving them was your lure.

Saint Mother Theresa.


You were Madiba’s first love, you remained loyal.

You were always there when he fell sick, your love for him was royal.



You were under house-arrest against your will.

After 15 years, you’re the main breeze for the Burmese windmill.

Aung San Suu Kyi.


You were the English Rose.

Your love captured the people’s hearts, even after to monarchy you rose.



You stood up to oppression that day,

While refusing to give up your seat the racial way.

Rosa Parks.


When our leader was in his final hours,

You protected him & anyone against you, you devoured.

Turai Yar Adua.


Dear Women,

You’re more powerful than society makes you believe.

In the tree of life, men may be the oxygen, but you are the leaves.

There is no anyone, because you bring life.

Women, we must protect you, with the blade of a knife!


But instead, we enslave you. Make you work for free.

If we pay you, it’s a third of what you generate powerfully.

The rest we steal and ‘live the good life’.

After we die, you’ll go to Heaven and we’ll live in near-eternal strife.


Most men love their mothers but disrespect women per se.

We enjoy their body, for it we even pay.

But nothing ever escapes the eyes of God, our creator.

He knew this would happen, so He made Mother Nature!



The Beginning

July 11, 2016

‘Erm… Hi!’

‘Silence, you fool! You are dirty, in foolish sins.’

‘Um… OK. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I kinda need your help.’

‘You are conceited in your pride. Pride from glory The Father gave you. You do not deserve anything ever again from him, the way you are!’

‘OK… um… you know, I thought you were on my side! Your role is you’re supposed to help me out – like, always!’

‘And what do you give? What offering have you given Him recently? He watches over you every day, but you never lose sleep over demanding only the things you want.’

‘Look, what do you want from me? I’m a human! OK? I want things! If I can’t get anything from you, or any other authority there, let me know and I’ll take my business elsewhere! You heard me?’

She strikes a gripping cramp around his heart and he tumbles onto his face, from his knees. He chokes, gasps & hyperventilates for a minute or two. Then he slowly gets back on his knees again, right hand on his heart.

‘Look at you, Dotun. Your heart is weak & so easy to overload. Yet you still lift those weights that are too heavy for you, in a bid to be more muscular than every man you know. You love the flesh! It is your number one sin. That you can suddenly die from heart failure, while even doing the mildest of exercises, naively doesn’t cross your mind. How foolish!’

He coughs, slowly catching his breath.

‘You think you’ll go to Heaven if you abruptly die? With everything He has planned for you?’

‘Ugh… nah, not really… that’s one of my biggest fears.’

‘Then stop irking His anger! He will punish you otherwise!’

‘… look… I know possible heart failure is cumulatively adding up every session of excessive strain on my heart… at least with me when I workout hard & don’t relax enough. But this… this is all I have… I gotta see it through and become stronger! The life path I’ve chosen demands I become buff – otherwise it’s more than likely that I’ll suffer humiliation, degradation & getting beat up badly from other people. I know you don’t like violence… but there are a lot of jealous men out there who would love to see me perish and I have challenged them right back. I need to beef up or I’m done!’

‘Your right heel has a lump that you got when you used to lift weights barefoot. It hurts when you walk some of the time. Can you not see that when you pursue what you want, without Him, it doesn’t do you any good? Why can’t you just accept that He knows best about you when it regards you?’

‘Because… (eyes tear up)… because – ha, nah… I’m not gonna cry…’


(sniff)… be-CAUSE… (starts crying like a bitch)

She remains silent as he wails at her feet, banging the ground, bruising his knuckles.

3 minutes later, he barely stops.

(sniff)(sniff) I’M FUCKED! OK? I’M FUCKED… I SAID IT!’

‘Stop being profane!’

‘I’m sorry, I’m just so messed up, you know… I can’t help but to feel sorry for myself! Every time I wanna do something I just procrastinate it away & mope over how crappy my life is & how I’ve screwed up what I ought to become. It’s SO bad! I got like a folder with a billion websites written on paper with all the usernames & passwords I did for services and business opportunities I signed up for but never followed through! NOT ONE OF THEM! Today, I’m kneeling here, and I AIN’T DONE SHIT!!!’ (wails again)

She encourages him to let it all out.

‘OK… (fights back tears)… I wanna be rich… not because I need to but because I wanna say fuck you to everybody I’ve felt inferior to all my life – which is a lot of fucking people!’

‘I will not warn you again about your profanity!’

‘… sorry… I fail to see I’m already rich – in so many ways. I genuinely feel happy to live but whenever I compare myself to society again, I realize I ain’t sh – sorry, I realize I ain’t nuthin & I get depressed again over not being rich! And it messes my mind up!’

‘One: stop comparing yourself! Two: Didn’t The Father give you a grand idea to work on? What have you done about it, apart from writing out the blueprint of the concept? Exactly! Three: You will never get anything ever again from Him, if you do not continuously show gratitude for everything you have. And everything you have was ALL from Him!’

(eyes tear-ring up again)… I know… I just want it now, you know? They got so much, I don’t really have much compared to them.’

‘What did I just say about rule one?’

‘Oh… my bad. I’m sorry, Mother… look, I know you got direct access to Him but can you tell Him I need a hand? I don’t know where the hell I’m going in my life & I feel astray!’

Instantly she swings her hand in front of his face & makes him lose his speech.


After he panics for a whole minute, of not being able to open his mouth, She restores his speech.

‘mmuaahh… OK! I get it, no swearing! Ever.’

‘You haven’t been to church this year. You don’t talk to The Father the way you used to. I don’t think I can intercede for you.’

‘Hey, hey, hey, OK, OK, OK…!!! Tell me what I gotta do and consider it done!’

‘Why do you insult women?’

‘I… I don’t know, I…’

‘You bring shame to your mother!’


‘You say you want to be rich, but you’ve always looked for love more – ever since you were a child.’

‘Umm… I don’t really wanna talk about… I didn’t really come to speak about…’

‘You know why you can’t find love?’

‘… no, Mother, please tell me…’

‘You do not love yourself! You are always willing to give everything for a woman of your interest but you rarely do a fraction of it for yourself!’


‘Love who you are, without personal development. Love your body that He gave you – without exercising. Love what you have – without wanting more – and completely love yourself, without craving someone else!’

‘… that’s easier said than done, Mother, I don’t think I can, I don’t know if I…’


‘… OK, I’ll try…’

‘Trying is not enough!’

‘… OK I’ll start. Where do I begin?’

‘Apologize to the Dame you foolishly insulted – thereby having made a pathetic fool of yourself.’

‘I don’t think she cares. All I did was make her laugh at me, I mean who wouldn’t? She’s so probably way bigger than the petiteness I am in calibre as a person.’

‘Oh, she may be! But it will humiliate you because you are arrogant – and that is a befitting punishment, until I can restore my intercessions for you, with The Father.’

(sigh!)… OK, how do I do it?’

‘Make amends. Start by announcing it on that blog of yours. I’m sure your creativity won’t fail you therein.’

‘Um… OK…

Sorry, Jelena!’

I’m not really a Roman Catholic, but I believe in God, Jesus Christ, Holy Mary, Archangel Michael & the archangels of Heaven. In my neighbourhood is a big Catholic church where I go to & pray, once in a while. I used to go inside the big church auditorium and go upstairs and sit at the far end when there’s no one inside & cry. I always cry or at least get emotional whenever I properly talk honestly to God about my life. There are a lot of uncried tears in my system that simply haven’t been given the process they need to relieve me: crying.

Nowadays, there’s often a bible class or choir practice in the church so I go to the Holy Mary grotto outside, where I kneel to her & pray to her to intercede for me to God. 

My mom told me many Catholics believe Holy Mary is very powerful and always makes you acknowledge all of your sins, your transgression and your screw ups. Only then do you get her to take your plea, your prayer, directly to God (and/or Jesus, depending on who you pray to). I’m not the only one who has noticed the power of Holy Mary – and every time I pray to her, I get at least emotional. I try not to cry – because I’m in public – and because of a stupid machismo I (still) abide by – but the longer I stay, the more pointless it becomes. 

Holy Mary is a conqueror! She’s the only human who’s gone to Heaven without dying! She’s not a human anymore, though, she is a mighty, Heavenly authority who defeats the devil! When you look at her statue, the snake she’s standing on actually represents the devil. Her stance symbolizes her dominion over Satan, like Jesus Christ & God.

It’s ironic that despite having blogged about chauvinism, I fail to curb it in myself. Dissing Black women even though I love their music – and am really just bitching about the ones I never got! Such is (my) life, though & I (tend to) make stupid mistakes. That doesn’t really make up for anything, but it is the truth. It’s funny, cuz I’d love to have a daughter – but what kind of a father will I be if I don’t respect women? Until now, this hasn’t really been a question I’ve asked myself. So, thank you for pointing that out, Doyin.

Beautiful Music Video: Estelle – Conqueror

As if being female, in this male-dominated, oppressive world isn’t hard enough, (a lot of) women still have to go through really effed-upness from males, they could really do without. Like me, as I’ve been. This article is great further reading herein. I highly recommend it!

Big tune, by the way!

Females, Claim Your Power!

January 24, 2016

The new year 2016 is in full swing. Men remain leading societies around the world, on average, and women largely aren’t given their worth across communities. Girls, you have so much power! You can achieve greatness without having to copy men. Just tap in your potential within.
Ladies, break any form of stagnation. You too can overcome repression & it can come from all your natural feminine qualities.
Rule! I call on all women to take a larger, bolder & more daring place in the leadership of societies. Everything you need to transcend to your wildest dreams lies within. It always has. This is how you do it.

1. Find a female of great accomplishment. She can be as young as Malala or as old as Diana Ross. Study them closely. Scrutinize their form of thinking, their mentality & their behaviour.
2. Successful females are by and large highly focused individuals. They can cocoon themselves from the world, from their immediate environment & focus intently on their object of attention, whatever that needs to be. This technique is a form of White Line Fever & is used by the greatest athletes in the world on a regular basis.
3. Simply focus on whatever you’re interested in, whatever activity you need to do & break the entire surroundings around you away with your mind, completely! When you first start, you may only last for a little while, then you get distracted again.
4. Do it again & increase the time. It will gradually get longer & longer until you reach the point where you’re completely engrossed by what you’re doing that you don’t even realize you’ve taken your mind away from your body. This is an art Monks can do & it’s also something Sumos can do, as well as Japanese warriors: putting your mind in one place while leaving the body where it is. It enables fighters who are expert in this form, to survive torture at enemy’s hands.

When you watch The Pursuit of Happyess, you see a wonderful example of this in the part where Chris & his son are stranded at the train station & Chris enables his son to captivate himself into a world of dreams & possibilities.
It effects traumatic & highly stressful moments to be alternatively handled by going to another world entirely, simply through your mind.
The result of breaking away from conventional reality & going to another is stellar! You achieve greatness & give performances so powerful they astound you tremendously. What you once thought only professionals & the gifted could do, now becomes the mainstay of your capabilities. You become superhuman!

So females, whatever struggles you’re going through, whatever conundrum you may face, regardless of how powerless you may feel in your current predicament – transcend it all by focusing on the solution completely until the problem is gone & if you don’t know the solution, completely focus on the train of thought that attempts to find the solution. You’ll thereby find the solution.
It’s that simple because in practice it really is. You only have to do it over & over again until you’re not needing to do it over again: you’re in the zone!

From now, 2016 – let’s kick some ass! Reign supremely.


‘Give me the power to win!’ – Flavour

A Little Gift For Everyone

December 25, 2015

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The Way Forward

November 18, 2015

Now that I have more time on my hands, I’m going to go back into research & produce the kind of articles I started with. It’s been years. I’m also going to create new drawings that I’ll upload here, since my scanner works after all. Thank you for visiting Mother Nature regularly. I’ve blogged like once or twice every year but I still get hits every day. I won’t disappoint you, the best is yet to come. 🙂

Dotun Adewunmi

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September 1, 2015

Today, I just read an article about the PLIGHT of an innocent Indian girl sentenced to RAPE, whose brother ran off with a married woman. REALLY??? I mean WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!

FFS, if there is ONE country that constantly crosses the line of female degradation to oppression of females, it’s India! MUTHAFUCKIN’ INDIA!!!

And yeah, I just said that at the risk of sounding racial, but fuck you! I’m sick and tired of Indian women goin’ through hell, just because the bastard men feel like it and can. Fuck you, inferior, good for nothing Indian men! Who suppress Indian women like they’re less than filth & worthless! Eff you very much!

FFS, I’m tired of bride burning, dowry deaths, female foeticide, perpetuation of female poverty through exclusion of girls from education. Fuck India in that regard! I love Indian people, I think their women are beautiful & it’s a remarkable country in terms of rich cultures, languages, customs, scenery & lifestyle. I’d LOVE to go to India some day. But fucking hell man, it pisses me off so damn much when I read of Indian women sentenced to hell, without anybody EVER helping them or stepping in to save them or stopping the madness. And the so called bloody international community never does jack shit to force the responsible Indian authorities to fuck off and go crawl under a rock… in an erupting vulcano!

Fuck Indian men who put Indian women through hell. Fuck inferior Indian men who for some reason treat terminal-illness-causing bacteria better than Indian females. Fuck you all! Fuck you very much! And my diplomacy training from ISOC & Diplo taught me better than to stoop to the lows of profanity but sometimes I’m just so enraged & incensed that I cannot contain myself from cursing worse than a sailor, over my bloody fucking vexation. For fucking fuck’s sake, man. (fuckers)


I don't even know what to say.

I don’t even know what to say.

The source article I got this info from today is here: Crazy Indian Authorities Not Only Legalize Rape But Also Sentence Innocent Women To It! I Mean, WHAT THE MUTHAFUCK?????!!!!!


I haven’t been this pissed off about an Asian girl since Malala got shot! Maybe, by a slim chance of miracle, this shit will get WORLDWIDE ATTENTION and this woman will be RIGHTLY EXONERATED for a crime she never committed!!! I 99.99% doubt it, but maybe…!  (fuckers)