WSYA 2011 Call for Entries

A highly prized & coveted international competition of e-content developers in all creative niches. Whether it’s video blogging, animations, illustrations, photography or any other creative field you can think of, if you can apply your creative skills to addressing some of the world’s greatest problems, then


The exclusivity about opportunity is that it only knocks once. Many people see, but few recognize. The Youth Award is a chance that promotes you further than you can think of & the beauty of it, is that the actual prominence of the organization behind it, far transcends the tasteful & humble image of their website. By creating a project for the competition, you are educating/enlightening thousands of people online, from a multitude of backgrounds & are thus making it easier for the target group of your project to be helped better.

Much like an opportunity, as it often comes dressed in overalls, with a proposal of work.

Now is your chance. Help change the world. Effect the changes you want to see in your society. Inspire someone to change their ways for the better about an issue. Support initiatives that prioritize global humanity & ecological health. Unleash the potential in you, that can only be delivered in its optimum form, by the way that you harness it.

Be A 2011 Youth Awardee Today!