October 14, 2012

When you go through the motions, the ups and downs, the string of rejections right after each other, you only have to focus on one thing: to get something out of the situation nonetheless. It can be anything, even if it is miles apart from the initial goal, leave with it anyway. It doesn’t make you a loser, it teaches you to never leave out of a situation empty-handed. It teaches you to always gain, no matter what. It may be hard to swallow at first, but trust me, it gets better with time. And as you continue, you notice the confidence in you rising with every new win. Confidence is powerful, in that it always makes you feel like you can do it. Regardless of what the objective is, it makes you say, ‘If I made it before, I’ll make it again!’ And that’s only because all along you’ve been teaching yourself to never leave a situation empty-handed, by always making a gain. A victory is a victory. There’s no big win or a small one. If you race a car in a championship and you only passed your closest competitor by half a micro-second, then it’s a clear and undisputed win. And the second in place knows it as well. That’s why it hurts so bad to have just narrowly missed a success, because you know if you were at number one, you would have won.

This is basic crisis management. It is a fundamental skill of managers in service sector organizations. If they can navigate the group out of messed up economies & political instability, they survive – and the manager usually gets a big, fat raise in the millions. Why? Because crisis management is a highly prized capability to have, in any business. Life however is our business, and we’re each top managers of our lives. Being able to navigate through the murky, confusing and often hostile maze of life in the world, this skill enables us to withstand b s as it comes. Look at it this way: if you can’t make a gain of your original goal, make a draw, at the very worst, but you won’t settle for a loss. And it’s really that easy. Give a try today, with whatever plan you have. Make it happen. Resolve to yourself within, that you will not take defeat as an option, and you will have to get something valuable of the occasion.

Go get ’em!


Disclaimer: This article is for motivational purposes. I do not accept any liabilities that may arise on your part, for acting on it. And I include this disclaimer because a blogger who doesn’t take legalities seriously, is only a conviction waiting to happen.