She Will Innovate 2012!

Female Empowerment via e-Affiliate-Marketing

I signed up to this e-competition, via a notification from the Internet Society, Nigeria chapter. It’s awesome, it’s hardcore just female-development-centric. Some months back, all the participants and I had a TwitChat (1st time I had ever been one of those) and talked for about an hour plus on a wealth of female progression/stagnation related issues. It was so cool, I had never been in a meeting with SO many female experts, professionals & technocrats on female empowerments issues before. Felt like I had to write everything they said. Anyway, been working hardcore on creating content for and driving traffic to my personal blog, Specialist Listings, that I almost forgot about the fact that I enrolled for this. So here’s the deal: Mother Nature has grown since September 2010 considerably & I’ve managed to create a portal of pretty female-supportive content. I get hits from every continent of the world and new countries just keep on introducing themselves. Because I’m pleasing you, and won’t ever stop despite what the numerous haters say (or do, it’s not worth mentioning – it’s too pathetic), I’m asking YOU to get interactive with this site & help a brother out. SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT MY CHANGESHOP ENTRY! SHARE IT, SOCIAL MEDIA IT, EMAIL IT, LET EVERYONE PLUS YOUR NON-CONTACTS KNOW – AND THEN GET THEM TO TALK AS GOOD ABOUT IT AS YOU! 😉

I had a great time putting my proposal together. It was nerve racking and I typed and deleted for hours on end but it paid off in the end with something I’m proud to present. I’m a Freespirit, I put creativity first. Here’s your chance to be part of the organization, and live to stand for something that makes you free! 🙂

For reading this, I say Thank You! For acting on it, I say Thank You Very Much!

Best Regards

Dotun Adewunmi