A Day At Francesca

October 30, 2013

Picture yourself. The work week is over. Gone are the over 80 hours of work. Your home, your castle takes care of your every need now. The SUV and the sedan are parked in the 2-car garage. The neighbour’s son is outside mowing the lawn. Upstairs, the kids are playing Twister on the floor in the game room, while the Rugrats are on TV in the background.
You just spent an hour in the bath, listening to Pachelbel Canon In D on repeat on the iPod stereo. Downstairs, the extended family is in the grande living room, enjoying coffee with home baked triple choc muffins. It’s in the morning. The interior is basked in sunshine. You can’t help but to feel up. Your parents are in the kitchen, preparing stone baked pizza for the kids. The family’s yellow Labrador is being washed in the backyard by your niece.
Your wife is reading Cosmopolitan at the dinner table of the dinning room beside the kitchen. Your brother is in your home office, checking his emails. The home’s got full WiFi connectivity so your sister uses it to order from Netflix on your smartphone. The door bell rings. The paper boy delivers you today’s newspaper with a smile. The week has been rough. You’ve given it your all but you’re beginning to realize what it’s worth for.
New homes in Palm City are the staple of such scenes. They’re two-story family homes for the enriched family experience. Whether it’s Delano, Francesca, Hampton or Flora, what Palm City offers is the intimacy of homely living. Many yearn it, but few gain it. Creekside in itself is already exclusive because there are only 18 units available.
After picturing yourself like this, you can understand why these homes are dreams fulfilled: they offer reassurance!

‘Francesca’ at Palm City