Sex Trafficking

January 24, 2020

Happy new year. I love this blog because I always write about cheerful topics. Anyway, let’s go.

Sex trafficking globally is a multi-billion dollar industry. It nets almost a hundred billion per year. It’s a subsection of the broader human trafficking which involves using people for illegal labor as well. Both are modern-day slavery. The most at-risk demographics are, to no surprise, females. They make up to 70% of sex trafficking victims. The females who fall easiest to prey to sex traffickers are females in areas where gender inequality is particularly high.

Organized crime is the main, if not only, culprit of the evil. Girls are pimped by various people – family members, local employers, gangs, poster children of the underworld. In Sub-Saharan Africa, young girls are typically sold out by aunties due to poverty but also due to greed. An industry that earns a hundred billion Dollars tickles anyone’s fancy. Girls from rural poor families are told they can get work in the city, or that they can go abroad and live the good life, only to be smuggled across borders and trapped in brothels where they are repeatedly beaten up badly and gang-raped for initiation. Many of the victims are also drugged with class A drugs to make them addicted and hooked on their handlers to always get more drugs. The handler, the person who oversees the victims’ deprived existence, thereby controls them by leaving them no choice but to sleep with men in commercial sex, in order to earn their next fix. It’s quite psychotic but cartels are devoid of human compassion. There’s a very special place for them in hellfire. So hot, not even the devil goes there. May God heat it up even more when they die. Amen.

Anyway, my rage aside, sex trafficking is a very well oiled machinery that works smoothly across the world. A very popular route internationally, for example, is the Nigeria-Italy connection. Thousands of girls, at the very least, are smuggled each year from Nigeria to Italy for sex trafficking. Many of the Nigerian girls are promised futures of illustrious careers in international modelling, only to end up in the Mafia’s arms of pimps. The cartels arrange fake passports and travel documents, get visas and then confiscate the documents upon arrival in the brothels. Lots of girls who are trafficked this way also end up in prostitution. A substantial number of Black prostitutes in Italy are of Nigerian origin.

It doesn’t just affect Africans, however. Like in the movie, Taken, sex trafficking happens to Europeans and White people in general, too. Especially Westerners. White Americans and Whites from the EU as seen as prime beef on the sex market. Depraved sheiks in the Middle East, for example, love to tap that.

According to Human Rights First dot org, ‘The Asia-pacific region accounts for the largest number of forced laborers— 15.4 million (62% of the global total). Africa has 5.7 million (23%) followed by Europe and Central Asia with 2.2 million (9%). The Americas account for 1.2 million (5%) and the Arab States account for 1% of all victims.’ Also, ‘While only 19% of human trafficking victims are trafficked for sex, sexual exploitation earns 66% of the global profits of human trafficking. The average annual profits generated by each woman in forced sexual servitude ($100,000) is estimated to be six times more than the average profits generated by each trafficking victim worldwide ($21,800), according to the Organization for Security and Co‑operation in Europe (OSCE).’

Basically, sex rules the world and powers the underworld economy. A quarter of all searches made on Google are sex-related. Lord only knows what the stats for the dark web are. It must be even worse there, cuz there you’ve got (live) streaming videos of rapes and snuff videos. A good movie to acquaint yourself with that sick world is 8mm.

I’ve noticed Mother Nature, over the years, has covered a lot of sexual issues. So much so that I myself am beginning to see it as a sex blog. Maybe it’s because I’m a man and my natural inclination is towards sex. However, I cover these issues because I feel they’re kept on the hush in society and swept under the rug. And so the victims of these sexual crimes go unnoticed and suffer in silence. That’s unfair and a living hell. I don’t care if I’m seen as some kind of perv. I will continue covering issues like this to raise awareness about them on the mainstream because every voice is necessary. Why? Because there are not (nearly) enough voices. Anyway, disclaimer aside.

According to Wikipedia, ‘Sex trafficking is one of the biggest criminal businesses in the world.’ Makes sense, considering prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world.

I remember reading on Yahoo a few years back how female college students in the USA increasingly turn to prostitution and sugar daddies to pay for their student debt.  How sick of a world do we live in? But no, I’m not gonna go down that path again.

Sex trafficking is the worst form of female exploitation. Not that there are any better ones, but hey. As a female, if you had to be exploited, sex trafficking should be the last thing on your mind. It involves brutal physical assault and rape over long periods of time, marred by consistent nervous breakdowns. Not only that, you lose your dignity and psychologically feel dirty for life. And if you try to escape, which is almost impossible, you almost certainly get killed, ‘to send a message’. Watch the movie The Whistleblower to get a good idea of how messed up it is. It stars Rachel Weisz.

What can we do to stop sex trafficking? In a perfect world, a simple blog post like this would gather momentum and build an avalanche of actions against this crime supported by high places. But we live on planet Earth and as a regular reader, you know how I feel about our wonderful society – especially when I blog.

All I can do is raise awareness. All you can do is share. All we can do is hope someone, somewhere, in a government will take action and work with other officials. And hey presto – an international collaboration leads to the end of organized sex crimes. But as a dreamer, I like going to the perfect world, don’t I?

In a perfect world…



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