Dear Daughter,

March 9, 2017

I am blessed to have you. A girl is all my own. I have so much to improve in my life because you deserve nothing less than the best. That best isn’t just in material things. That’s not what you’ll judge me on later in your life. You want me to be there for you and show you how a woman should be treated. You’ll then take that example and live by it – only if I built you up, loved you ferociously and always put you first. Cuz that’s what a father has to do. That’s the key benchmark of fathering a girl.

I don’t know where to begin. You’re my first child. I’ve seen so many people have kids and have come in contact with so many kids. I often try to gain their attention and smile at them – because you must never introduce a child to the hardness of the world, no matter how you feel. They’re not allowed to be corrupted by you. Maybe not fake smile at them but intend to do good and be good when they look at you. That energy shows. They’ll receive that energy.

I’ve always wanted to have a daughter. I feel because of my sensitivity and emotional nature, I’m better off raising women than men. I’ve realized though that I’m not less suitable to raise a man. Men must learn strength and leadership from their dads, but above everything else and like other children, boys need to be loved and encouraged every day of their lives. Even boys equate fatherhood by these standards, as success.

Now that I have you, you’re our entire lives. Your mother and me can’t stop staring at you. It’s like you’re our reality show and we’re your hardcore fans. We watch you 24 hours a day. It’s not just looking, though. We feed you, care for you and love you with tender, doting care. Because we can’t get enough of you and want to fill your life with the most love possible. There’s not enough space in the universe to quantify how much we love you. We just do.

My little princess, this world is a magnificent place. There is so much beauty on this planet, both naturally and man-made. Our human society, however, is draped in many problems that bring many people down. It fills them with disappointment and resentment. I hope, I’m sure your mother does too, you don’t experience much of this, if you ever do, but if these scenarios ever cross paths with you, know that you’re a queen! You’re a goddess. Don’t ever for a second believe any human that you’re inferior to any other human. Bear in mind, instead, that if you hear this, it’s a strong indication that you are actually superior to others. Because superior people are by and large condemned by others, when they haven’t personally affirmed their superiority to others. It’s almost like it’s a societal mechanism to compel superior people to look inward and notice their supremacy and exploit it, thereby establishing themselves as leaders in society. If that’s a societal trick, it works but I don’t like it.

You, my baby, are stunning! You have your mother’s and my intelligence. Your mother is very smart and passionate. I think I have above average intelligence, but you, my child, are a beacon of greatness, a celebration of achievement. You’re a thousand PhD research books of the world’s Ivy League Universities, collated and imprinted on your mind. At least! You will learn how to use your mind to do and get whatever you want. I will teach you. You, hopefully without much resistance, will learn self defense to never be a possible victim of domestic violence. That way, I won’t have to kill anybody. Your mother will teach  you what being a woman is all about. I’m so in love with her, her precious ways, how amazing she is and I can’t get enough of her, either. It’s like even though we love each other, we want each other more and more. I guess love always gets deeper.

You are the light of our lives. We’re gonna make you love and make you smile and be goofy enough to entertain you as your consciousness grows. OK, maybe we’ll tone it down as you get older. Yeah, maybe we will be embarrassing you in front of your friends then. ><

We’ll be there for your first walk. We’ll be there when you say your first word. We’ll throw a block party for your first birthday. Your first day of school will be recorded by us. Your first report card will be framed in the living room… OK, maybe I’ll just frame it. We will celebrate every achievement you ever make, from your first win in extracurricular activities to winning with your team, in sports – whether you’re athletic or not. We’re probably gonna over prepare your bags for your first class excursion. We are always gonna cheer you in whatever you do. You will never hear from any of us that you can’t do something or that you’re not good enough for something or even that you can’t do a certain thing because you’re a girl. No, instead, we’ll cheer you, encourage you and hype you up to do whatever it is that you want to do in that great, big mind of yours. This world is your playground. You decide what to do and how to do it. You have the full potential and power to succeed greatly at your biggest desires. You are an absolute powerhouse that can overcome any kind of problems or obstacles. You were born to win – and like Neo in The Matrix – you may or may not indeed be the chosen one or someone to be great, but you have it within you to be the chosen one and become great! And that is something I will always teach you, remind you of and tell you.

You’re a star! Go rule the world the way you know it should be ruled. Be a lighthouse in your life and lead the way but most especially – be the loving, caring, affectionate, intelligent, friendly, supportive and happy rockstar that you are –

And always remember, your parents love you unconditionally and will never stop loving you!

Now wake up – it’s time for your favourite cartoon!