October 23, 2012


Look into your eyes. They’re so deep.

It’s no surprise, that I can’t speak.

You got that look, ’cause you notice I’m starin’.

You enthrall me like a book. Over else, I’m not carin’.


I can’t believe, this moment we are here.

What a reprieve, but I still feel fear.

Scared not to mess it up, but I’ve practiced a million times.

My mind’s blank from this stuff, though my intuition says you’re mine.


Keep it sweet & simple, but don’t overdo it.

Maintain eye-contact, so what I say to you will prove it.

Butterflies in my tummy, heart skippin’ every other beat.

Calmness is goin’ away from me. You’re eye candy, such a delicious treat.


A billion thoughts rioting, each trying to make it through.

Strugglin’ through a blaze like firemen. I’ve simply fallen for you.

You’re looking at my soul, observing what it reveals.

Partly squinting my eyes so, my insecurities they will conceal.


It’s a miracle it’s us here.

Like a spiritual atmosphere.

Electro-chemical connection.

The best mode stemming from dual perception.


Eager to make conversation. Daydreamin’s taken my mind for a walk.

Nervous about that odd silence, maybe we can let our eyes talk.

No need for pressure, you’re probably chill yourself.

Enjoying the moment for what it is, will give all I need in help.


I’m here, you there.

We used to be separated: land, sea & air.

You nudge a finger to mine, on our table at the open-air cafe.

I reciprocate the little act so sublime, I’m all out of words to say.


No need to rush now, I just play it cool.

You hold my hand that I reach out: the conclusion of our rendez-vous.








If you haven’t bought Leona Lewis’ Echo, you should because it’s amazing.

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