September 4, 2012

Love is looking in your eyes. No surprise, we click as the prize.

Always a winner, rain or winter, no storm we can’t enter, our blessings as a sinner.

Knowing someone before you meet them, that’s love.

You’re my familiar unknown I’m constantly thinking of.

You. Me. Us, to be. I’m trying so hard to make you see,

Let’s get together – we!

My great big plan is for me to be your man.

How I do it, I have no idea. All I know is, I can.

I tried to go, and let the freestyle flow.

Writer’s Block, I dunno. It I’m not about to blow.

It’s easy! Believe! Self-hypnosis, like I’m already there.

No one can truly love you the way I do, and really care!

This is my audition, straight askin’ permission, to fulfil your wishin’.

‘Cause you’re mine to hold. I’ll break barriers untold. For you, my cards I’ll never fold.

I play with words. Life’s like a game but I’ll never play with your heart.

Actions matter most. So, no lies. No half-truths from the start.

So near. Yet so far. Wish you were here, on a shining star.

Got loads to say, but I’m lost for words. If he’d only let me when I pray, to fly to you like birds.

Dark brown skin. Light brown skin. Don’t we make a perfect match?

You’re slender and slim. I’m built to win. I should note, I’m a perfect catch! 😉

What’s a strong pitch with a weak close? A lost sale!

Don’t know how to finish this, but my faith does and will prevail!

Big words, even bigger intentions. In the mix, is just lil’ old me.

This is it, I put my all, in the hope I’m perceived in sincerity.

They say, ‘If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen’, but I believe in making things happen.

Nothing was ever given to me, I’ve had to fight for achievements worth clappin’.

I got a big ego, I know. Got issues, that’s true.

Have done things of yes and no. I ain’t perfect. Neither are you.

Too fly for words

You know her? If you do, hit me up! (please)

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