Warning: Contains Strong Language! Don’t read if otherwise offended! ><

I’m a proud man. I don’t know if I was born proud, to be honest I’m actually humble. But growing in life, I imbibed pride. Pride of my ethnicity, family and life. Pride comes before the fall. I’ve had mine. The type of fall I’m talking about, I’ll reveal later, so as not to give a false impression – because I’ve fallen more than I can remember! This blog often addresses gender inequality holistically but chauvinism only in brief notices. Oh well! Maybe it’s the chavinist in me; but that’s the point.

Females are good listeners, because they care. Females innately tend to distress in their immediate surrounding. It takes an outwardly-caring man to do the same. Yeah, not everyone’s the same. Cold b*tches pass you by, that’s life. Are you offended? Good, ’cause what better way is there to learn about chauvinism than from a chauvinist, himself? I know I’ve made great improvements in elevating from this state of being since I realized it, but I guess I still hold the mentality of ‘once you’re it, you’re always it’. Some day though, I will forgive myself. In full. Anyway. Guys use females often to get comfort in being cared for, being acknowledged, being listened to and (somewhat) taken seriously.

Just kidding. About the somewhat. Anyway. It’s typical. There’s nothing wrong with it. Behind that macho bravado, in the absence of their homies, guys LOVE to hang out with a BFF-type girl and just chill, open up about personal problems, get some load off their chest. However you wanna put it, it’s regular. Once again, nothing wrong with that. What becomes such though, is what happens afterwards. Like a one-night stand in the end, the guys mostly feel they have no further obligations and just leave. At least with a one-night stand, it’s not peculiar. Two can play, right? But if a girl gives you her heart, gives you her time, opens up to you and your problems, all of your insecurities and issues, as a guy, if you leave her, right after she’s given you the goodness, simply ’cause you feel you don’t have anything more to say or do since you got yours, she’s then not a fool for having been dumped, emotionally. She’s a woman. That guy? That guy is a p*ssy! And no, I don’t mean vagina.

Lol, I just realized the term ‘p*ssy’ is of chauvinism origin, itself. If you’re soft and weak, you’re referred to, in a condescending way, to the vagina, namely p*ssy! Like, if you’re not hard, you’re soft, and that’s not macho-like. At least the penis gets hard once in a while, but the p*ssy? This is my deduction but I’m sure there’s some truth to it. Right? Machoism – the perceived supremacy of the human race. What potent chauvinism infused here. How rich. But ehy, what place to not put it on Dotun’s Blog, than in this post? It’s chauvinism! And we’re addressing it. You and me. OK, let’s go on.

This sucks. It really sucks. You know why? Because it reinforces the invisible, mental shackles of the restricitve, and oppressive social conditioning we largely live under and disturbingly accept in this world, that imprisons many, many females in the sentencing of being deemed a less important sex than males, which is a sentencing that sprawls from a deep-seated chauvinistic conviction. Big grammar! Weak sentence structure but ambitious attempt. Yeah, but I got my point across. On to the next one.

Anyway, so the females get used and abused often, as a normality, on an emotional basis, in their large, large numbers, more and more often than not, by loads and loads of guys. Yes, I feel like crap for being a guy now, that last sentence ripped me down. A bit. Whatever. Such is my job. But man, it sucks how hard it is to ‘disconnect’ yourself from the topic you’re treating and get beat down emotionally, ’cause the raw content of it is just so dark! NOW, IMAGINE WHAT FEMALES GO THROUGH WHEN THEY EXPERIENCE THIS SH*T!

Congratulations! You have just experienced an insight into the suffering of a female victim of gender inequality, from one perspective. Mind you, there are thousands, and this glimpse was only of minor intensity! Smile! It’s a beautiful day! Right? Oh, to be me. And you, for reading this stuff. We’re just going to have to wallow in it together. Crazy. Enjoy! Anyway.

Right, so that’s really bad and really painful for females to experience because they get left in the cold. And the guys who’ve done that, (me), who do that, (loads), don’t give f*ck and that’s the way it is (and has often been). OK, so what’s the next point? I’m writing the way I think because that way I maintain fluidity. You’re welcome, writers! Now, females aren’t second class to males. That’s just a dumbed-down, albeit prevalent male way of thinking. We’re in this together! Whichever way you wanna look at it, every conniving, no-good-for-nothing chauvinist was born out of the vagina of a woman, which by default then, should make him a p*ssy! But no one ever says anything about that, huh? Only, ‘Oh, I’m so guy, and I’m a macho and oh, I love my balls, my beard and my b*tch(es)!’

Go figure. People are left for God to make sense out of, not us. And I don’t even think I’m being blasphemous. I once read that being hateful of people is being a misanthropist. Who? ME? Well, if you scuba-dive into this ish like I do and realize so much of the vastness of evil there is to this conundrum and loosely put the pieces together with other, large-scale, man-made, millennial f*ck-ups that have been raging worldwide, afflicting the majority of people ever since Mother Earth first said, ‘Aw crap – humans!’, then you would understand why it is so too easy to just tap in and out of it, like you’re in the zone playing hopscotch!

Yes, I’m on fire. But I’m a water sign. And I wanna cool off because I’m approaching my limit and if I continue, I’ll post junk that will just be inappropriate for this elaboration. But I thank you for keeping up with me, this far. So, this is what we’re gonna do: the next time we see a guy abruptly breakin’ off with a girl after he made her his agony aunt, we’re gonna tell him, ‘Ehy! You wouldn’t like that if some pr*ck left you after you gave your heart to help him, so don’t treat a woman that way, b*tch!


Well, we can try, right? The intention of every attempt reinforces another. Karma. You have to believe!

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